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قراءة كتاب Beggars Bush: A Comedy From the Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher (Volume 2 of 10)

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Beggars Bush: A Comedy
From the Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher (Volume 2 of 10)

Beggars Bush: A Comedy From the Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher (Volume 2 of 10)

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In his own straw, with his own shirt, or sheet,
That he hath filch'd that day, I, and possess
What he can purchase, back, or belly-cheats
To his own prop: he will have no purveyers
For Pigs, and poultry.

Clau. That we must have, my learned oratour, It is our will, and every man to keep In his own path and circuit.

Hig. Do you hear? You must hereafter maund on your own pads he saies.

Clau. And what they get there, is their own, besides To give good words.

Hig. Do you mark? to cut been whids, That is the second Law.

Clau. And keep a-foot The humble, and the common phrase of begging, Lest men discover us.

Hig. Yes; and cry sometimes,
To move compassion: Sir, there is a table,
That doth command all these things, and enjoyns 'em,
Be perfect in their crutches, their feign'd plaisters,
And their torn pass-ports, with the ways to stammer,
And to be dumb, and deaf, and blind, and lame,
There, all the halting paces are set down,
I'th' learned language.

Clau. Thither I refer them, Those, you at leisure shall interpret to them. We love no heaps of laws, where few will serve.

Om. O gracious Prince, 'save, 'save the good King Clause.

Hig. A Song to crown him.

Fer. Set a Centinel out first.

Snap. The word?

Hig. A Cove comes, and fumbumbis to it.— Strike.

_The SONG.

Cast our Caps and cares away: this is Beggars Holy-day,
At the Crowning of our King, thus we ever dance and sing.
In the world look out and see: where's so happy a Prince as he?
Where the Nation live so free, and so merry as do we?
Be it peace, or be it war, here at liberty we are,
And enjoy our ease and rest; To the field we are not prest;
Nor are call'd into the Town, to be troubled with the Gown.
Hang all Officers we cry, and the Magistrate too, by;
When the Subsidie's encreast, we are not a penny Sest.
Nor will any go to Law, with the Beggar for a straw.
All which happiness he brags, he doth owe unto his rags._

Enter Snap, Hubert, and Hemskirke.

Snap. A Cove comes: Fumbumbis.

Prig. To your postures; arm.

Hub. Yonder's the Town: I see it.

Hemsk. There's our danger Indeed afore us, if our shadows save not.

Hig. Bless your good Worships.

Fer. One small piece of mony.

Prig. Amongst us all poor wretches.

Clau. Blind, and lame.

Ginks. For his sake that gives all.

Hig. Pitifull Worships.

Snap. One little doyt.

Enter Jaculin.

Jac. King, by your leave, where are you?

Fer. To buy a little bread.

Hig. To feed so many Mouths, as will ever pray for you.

Prig. Here be seven of us.

Hig. Seven, good Master, O remember seven, Seven blessings.

Fer. Remember, gentle Worship.

Hig. 'Gainst seven deadly sins.

Prig. And seven sleepers.

Hig. If they be hard of heart, and will give nothing— Alas, we had not a charity this three dayes.

Hub. There's amongst you all.

Fer. Heaven reward you.

Prig. Lord reward you.

Hig. The Prince of pity bless thee.

Hub. Do I see? or is't my fancy that would have it so? Ha? 'tis her face: come hither maid.

Jac. What ha' you,
Bells for my squirrel? I ha' giv'n bun meat,
You do not love me, do you? catch me a butterfly,
And I'le love you again; when? can you tell?
Peace, we go a birding: I shall have a fine thing. [Exit.

Hub. Her voyce too sayes the same; but for my head
I would not that her manners were so chang'd.
Hear me thou honest fellow; what's this maiden,
That lives amongst you here?

Gin. Ao, ao, ao, ao.

Hub. How? nothing but signs?

Gin. Ao, ao, ao, ao.

Hub. This is strange, I would fain have it her, but not her thus.

Hig. He is de-de-de-de-de-de-deaf, and du-du-dude-dumb Sir.

Hub. Slid they did all speak plain ev'n now me thought. Do'st thou know this same maid?

Snap. Why, why, why, why, which, gu, gu, gu, gu, Gods fool
She was bo-bo-bo-bo-born at the barn yonder,
By-be-be-be-be-Beggars Bush-bo-bo-Bush
Her name is, My-my-my-my-my-match: so was her Mo-mo-mo-Mothers too-too.

Hub. I understand no word he says; how long Has she been here?

Snap. Lo-lo-long enough to be ni-ni-nigled, and she ha' go-go-go-good luck.

Hub. I must be better inform'd, than by this way.
Here was another face too, that I mark'd
Of the old mans: but they are vanish'd all
Most suddenly: I will come here again,
O, that I were so happy, as to find it,
What I yet hope: it is put on.

Hem. What mean you Sir, To stay there with that stammerer?

Hub. Farewell friend,—
It will be worth return, to search: Come,
Protect us our disguise now, pre'thee Hemskirk
If we be taken, how do'st thou imagine
This town will use us, that hath stood so long
Out against Wolfort?

Hem. Ev'n to hang us forth
Upon their walls a sunning, to make Crows meat,
If I were not assur'd o' the Burgomaster,
And had a pretty excuse to see a niece there,
I should scarce venture.

Hub. Come 'tis now too late To look back at the ports: good luck, and enter. [Exeunt.


Enter Goswin.

Gos. Still blow'st thou there? and from all other parts,
Do all my agents sleep, that nothing comes?
There's a conspiracy of windes, and servants,
If not of Elements, to ha' me break;
What should I think unless the Seas, and Sands
Had swallow'd up my ships? or fire had spoil'd
My ware-houses? or death devour'd my Factors?
I must ha' had some returns.

Enter Merchants.

1 Mer. 'Save you Sir.

Gos. 'Save you.

1 Mer. No news yet o' your Ships?

Gos. Not any yet Sir.

1 Mer. 'Tis strange. [Exit.

Gos. 'Tis true Sir: what a voyce was here now? This was one passing bell, a thousand ravens Sung in that man now, to presage my ruins.

2 Mer. Goswin, good day, these winds are very constant.

Gos. They are so Sir; to hurt—

2 Mer. Ha' you had no letters Lately from England, nor from Denmark?

Gos. Neither.

2 Mer. This wind brings them; nor no news over land, Through Spain, from the