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قراءة كتاب Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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‏اللغة: English
Animal Children
The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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"Lemonade, lemonade," the bold monkey cried,
"It's only five cents, and it's cooling beside."
Miss Camel just sniffed and tossed high her head,—
"I drink only every nine days, sir," she said.

Milk or meat or leather for shoes,—
Almost anything that we choose,—
We'll find the good Cow gives with joy
To every nice little girl and boy.

I wonder where the names come from (I'm sure that you do, too).
For instance, there's the animal that has been called the Gnu.
His race is just as strange, too, for no one seems to know
Just what he is—an antelope, horse, bull or buffalo.

Big moose came boldly from behind the tall trees,
And said in loud voice: "Who called, if you please?
I'm ready to meet any one who says 'Fight,'
But we'll come in the open and do the thing right."

I am not sure I'd care to meet
This Big Horn Goat upon the street.
Not when his eyes and smile and air
Just seem to shout: "Come, if you dare!'

Brave soldier ibex stalks before the mountain fortress high,
And watches eagerly to note a stranger passing by.
"Who's there?" he calls, and to his friends he whistles the alarm,
And off they go to mountain tops where they are safe from harm.

The chamois lives in the mountains high,
He's ever and ever and ever so spry;
He leaps and he plays with never a fall—
I'm sure that you never could do that at all.

Billy Goat and Nanny Goat went out one day to tea.
They promised Mother Goat they'd be good as they could be,
But on the way they passed some goats who cried: "Oh, see the dude!"
And then they had to go back home for Billy got real rude.

Her coat is soft as velvet, of a lovely yellow-brown,
With a bit of fawn for trimming and a lining white as down.
Her eyes are large and kindly, she is gentle, too, as well,
You would love a little playmate as sweet as Miss Gazelle.

A sturdy young American is Rocky Mountain Goat
With big, strong horns upon his head, and shaggy, furry coat;
He loves to scramble over rocks or leap a mountain brook,
And should you chase him he will fly into his hidden nook.

"We reindeer come straight from your own Santa Claus,
In our gallop of joy we never will pause;
We eat from the mountain-tops, drink from the dells,
And use for our skipping-ropes merry sleigh-bells."

A large and handsome personage is the Most Noble Yak,
His mantle is a fringe of hair that drapes his sides and back;
He's very, very grand, indeed, when he stands up, you see—
In fact, he's just as noble as a noble ought to be.

When young Mrs. Kangaroo goes for a hop,
To call or to market or, perhaps, out to shop,
She has no nice carriage where baby can ride,
So he creeps in a pocket that hangs at her side.

He does not care when the sleet comes down, or the chilly wind blows strong,
For he wears a hat that is made of horn and a fur coat, warm and long.
He never gets frostbitten toes 'though in snow and ice he plays;
Now being a Muskox can't be bad in the long, cold winter days!

"The very best I have, sir, fine and a whole yard wide,
It wears, and has no bother of a right and wrong side;
I'm sure she'd like a dress of it—it will not spot or pull."
Then Miss Alpaca added: "I know—it's my own wool."

This dear little Sheep has lost Bo-Peep,
She wandered away as he lay asleep,
He has found her bonnet and shepherd's crook,
But for little Bo-Peep in vain does he look.

Young Miss Rhinoceros gave a beach party;
She greeted her friends with a welcome most hearty.
They laughed and they joked and they swam in the sea,
And the party was gay, as a party should be.

She comes from Spain, this proud, proud Dame,
Mistress Merino is her name.
Her wool weaves into dress goods rare,
Her skin makes gloves the