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قراءة كتاب Great Indian Chief of the West; Or, Life and Adventures of Black Hawk

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Great Indian Chief of the West; Or, Life and Adventures of Black Hawk

Great Indian Chief of the West; Or, Life and Adventures of Black Hawk

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class="c5">brother—Black Hawk's visit to Malden—Whipped by some whites—Whites
settle at his village—Black Hawk's talk with Governor Coles
and Judge Hall—Sale of the lands on Rock river—Indians ordered to
remove—Agreement to remove for six thousand dollars—Memorial of
the white settlers to Governor Reynolds—The Governor's letters to
General Clark and General Gaines—The latter leaves Jefferson Barracks
with six companies of the United States troops for Rock Island—His
interview with Black Hawk—Calls upon the Governor of Illinois
for militia—The Indians abandon their village—treaty of peace made
with them—Official letters to the war department—Summary of the
causes which brought on this disturbance—Black Hawk's attempt to
form an alliance with other tribes      91


Keokuk's birth—Kills a Sioux when fifteen years old—Prevents the
abandonment of the Sac village—Bold manœuvre with the Sioux—Perils
his life for the safety of his people—Speech to the Menominies
at Prairie des Chiens—Called upon to lead his braves to join
in the Black Hawk war—Allays the excitement of his people on this
subject—Deposed from his post as head chief and a young man elected
in his place—Re-established in power—Delivers up his nephew to
the whites to be tried for murder—Letter to the Governor of
Illinois—Council at Washington in 1837—Retorts upon the Sioux—His
visit to Boston—His return home—His personal appearance—And
his character as a war and peace chief      118


Murder of twenty-eight Menominies by the Foxes of Black Hawk's
band—Naopope's visit to Malden—Black Hawk recrosses the
Mississippi—General Atkinson orders him to return—Stillman's
attack—Defeated by Black Hawk—His white flag fired upon—He sends
out war parties upon the frontier—Attack upon Fort Buffalo—General
Dodge's battle on the Wisconsin—Black Hawk and his band leave the
Four Lakes and fly to the Mississippi—Pursued by General Atkinson—Black
Hawk's flag of truce fired upon by the Captain of the
Warrior—Twenty-three Indians killed      143


General Atkinson overtakes Black Hawk—Battle of the Bad Axe—Atkinson's
official report—Incidents of the Battle—Capture of
Black Hawk and the prophet—Naopope's statement to General Scott—General
Scott and Governor Reynolds conclude a treaty with the
Sacs, Foxes and Winnebagoes—Causes which led to the war—Motives
for getting up Indian wars—First attack made by the Illinois
militia—Report of the Secretary at War in regard to this
campaign—General Macomb's letter to General Atkinson—Secretary
Cass' statement of the causes which led to this war—Comments upon
this statement, and its omissions pointed out      166


Black Hawk, Naopope, the Prophet and others confined at Jefferson
Barracks—In April 1833 sent to Washington—Interview with the
President—sent to Fortress Monroe—Their release—Visit the eastern
cities—Return to the Mississippi—Conference at Rock island between
Maj. Garland, Keokuk, Black Hawk and other chiefs—speeches
of Keokuk, Pashshepaho and Black Hawk—Final discharge of the
hostages—Their return to their families—Black Hawk's visit to
Washington in 1837—His return—His personal appearance—Military
talents—Intellectual and moral character      200


Black Hawk at the capture of Fort Erie--At the battle
of the Thames--His account of the death of Tecumthe--His
residence and mode of life after his last visit to the
east--His Fourth of July speech at fort Madison--His death and burial    234


Sketches of the Sioux       258
Colonization of the Indians       264
Indian Dancing Ceremonies       273
Sale of Whiskey to the Indians       public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@18290@[email protected]#Page_281" class="pginternal"