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قراءة كتاب Scientific American Supplement, No. 365, December 30, 1882

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Scientific American Supplement, No. 365, December 30, 1882

Scientific American Supplement, No. 365, December 30, 1882

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Scientific American Supplement. Vol. XIV., No. 365.

Scientific American established 1845

Scientific American Supplement, $5 a year.

Scientific American and Supplement, $7 a year.

I. ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS.—Louis Favre, Constructor of the St. Gothard Tunnel.—2 figures.—Portrait and monument at Turin to commemorate the tunneling of the Alps 5817
The New Harbor of Vera Cruz.—New artificial harbor for Vera Cruz.—Capt. Eads's plan.—1 figure.—Plan of harbor and improvement 5818
Cost of Power to Make Flour 5818
Driving gear Mechanism for Lift Hammers.—2 figures 5819
De Junker and Ruh's Machine for Cutting Annular Wheels.—3 figures 5819
Recent Hydraulic Experiments.—Results of experiments on the flow of water in the Ganges Canal 5819
The Germ: Shall It be Retained in Flour? By Arthur Atkins 5820
Wheat Tests 5820
II. TECHNOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY.—Apparatus for Manufacturing Gaseous or Aerated Beverages.—11 figures.—Bicarbonate of soda apparatus. Generator. Washer.—Suction pump.—Saturator.—Apparatus for using carbonate of lime.—Apparatus completely mechanical in operation 5815
Detection and Estimation of Fusel Oil 5816
On Silicon.—Curious formation of silicide of platinum 5816
Stannous Nitrates.—The formation of explosive compounds in machines by the corrosion of bronze and tin solder 5816
Metallic Thorium. By L.F. Nilson 5816
Friedrich Wöhler.—Obituary notice of the great German chemist 5816
Apparatus for Printing by the Blue Process. By Channing Whitaker.—3 figures 5820
III. ELECTRICITY, LIGHT, HEAT, ETC.—Spectrum Gratings 5822
A New Pocket Opera Glass.—4 figures 5822
Atoms, Molecules, and Ether Waves. By John Tyndall. Action of heat and light on molecules.—Heat as an agent in exploring molecular conditions.—The results of a recent incursion into the extra-sensible world of atoms and molecules 5823
Apparatus for Measuring Electricity at the Upper School of Telegraphy. By E. Mercadier.—5 figures. Constant vibrator.—The Electrical tuning fork. Arrangement for testing electric piles.—Very rapid electric tuning fork.—A vibrating micrometer 5824
IV. NATURAL HISTORY.—Our Origin as a Species. By Richard Owen.—The Neanderthal skull.—Differential characters between the lowest _Homo_ and the highest _Simia_ 5825
The Aba or Odika. By Dr. W.H. Bacheler.—A remarkable tree of West Africa 5826
California Cedars 5826
Ancient Greek Painting. (Transcriber's Note: Added to Table of Contents.) 5822