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قراءة كتاب The Continental Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 1, July, 1863 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

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The Continental Monthly,  Vol. 4,  No. 1, July, 1863
Devoted to Literature and National Policy

The Continental Monthly, Vol. 4, No. 1, July, 1863 Devoted to Literature and National Policy

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Literature and National Policy.

VOL. IV.—JULY, 1863.—No. I.

New York:

Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year 1863, by
In the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States for the Southern District of New York.

46, 48, & 50 Greene St., New York.


Abijah Witherpee's Retreat, 16
Across Maine in Mid-Winter, 138
A Detective's Story, 474
American Finances and Resources. By Hon. Robert J. Walker, 463
Autumn Leaves. By Mrs. Martha Walker Cook, 136
Buckle, Draper, and a Science of History. By Edward B. Freeland, 610
Buckle, Draper, and the Law of Human Development. By Edward B. Freeland, 529
Currency and the National Finances. By J. Smith Homans, 419
Dead. By Anna Gray, 683
Diary of Frances Krasinska; or, Life in Poland during the 18th Century, 42, 150, 274 394, 491, 624
Dying in the Hospital. By Mary E. Nealy, Louisville, Ky., 229
Early History of Printing and the Newspaper Press in Boston and New York. By W. L. Stone, 256
Editor's Table, 118, 237, 355, 598, 711
Emancipation in Jamaica, By Rev. C. C. Starbuck, 1
Evergreen Beauty. By Major S. H. Hurst, 227
Extraterritoriality in China. By Dr. Macgowan, 556
Japanese Foreign Relations. By Dr. Macgowan, 333
Jefferson Davis and Repudiation. By Hon. Robert J. Walker, 207, 352
Jefferson Davis—Repudiation, Recognition, and Slavery. By Hon. R. J. Walker, 390
Ladies' Loyal League. By Mrs. O.S. Baker, 51
Letters to Professor S. F. B. Morse. By Rev. Dr. Henry, 514
Letter Writing. By Park Benjamin, 648
Literary Notices, 114, 231, 478, 594, 706
Maiden's Dreaming. By E. W. C., 403
Matter and Spirit. By Lieut. E. Phelps, with Reply of Hon. F. P. Stanton, 546
Mrs. Rabotham's Party. By L. V. F. Randolph, 33
My Lost Darling, 160
My Mission. By Ella Rodman, 633
November. By E. W. C., 500
October Afternoon In the Highlands, 433
Our Future. By Lt. Egbert Phelpe, U.S.A. 121
Patriotism and Provincialism. By H. Clay Preuss, 59
Reason, Rhyme, and Rhythm. Compiled and written by Mrs. Martha Walker Cook, 20, 168, 293, 412
Reconnoissance near Fort Morgan, and Expedition in Lake Pontchartrain and Pearl River, by the Mortar Flotilla of Captain D. D. Porter, U. S. N. By F. H. Gerdes, Ass't U.S. Coast Survey, 269
Reconstruction. By Henry Everett Russell, 630
Remembrance. By G.F.G., 296
She Defines her Position. By Eliza S. Randolph, 702
Southern Hate of New England. By Miss Virginia Sherwood, 241
Spring Mountain, 314
The Assizes of Jerusalem. By Prof. Andrew Ten Brook, 501
The Brothers. An Allegory, 367
The Buccaneers of America. By W. L. Stone, 175
The Cavalier Theory Refuted. By W. H. Whitmore, 60
The Chicago (Illinois) and other Canals. By Hon. Robert J. Walker, 92
The Defence and Evacuation of Winchester. By Hon. Frederick P. Stanton, 481
The Deserted House, 312
The Early Arbutus. By Grace De la Veríte, 72
The Freedom of the Press. By Edward B. Freeland, 361
The Grave, 292
The Great American Crisis. By Stephen P. Andrews, 658
The Great Riot. By Edward B. Freeland, 302
The Isle of Springs. By Rev. C. C. Starbuck, 284, 433
The Lions of Scotland. By W. Francis Williams, 584
The Nation. By Hugh Miller Thompson, 601
The Restoration of the Union. By Hon. F.P. Stanton, 73
The Sleeping Peri, 159
The Sleeping Soldier. By Edward N. Pomeroy, 632
The Spirit's Reproach. By Mrs. Martha W. Cook, 204
The Third Year of the War. By Hon. F. P. Stanton, 73
The Two Southern Mothers. By Isabella MacFarlane, 490
The Year. By W. H. Henderson, 657
Thirty Days with the Seventy-First Regiment, 404
Treasure Trove, 545
Under the Palmetto. By H. G. Spaulding, 188
Unuttered. By Kate Putnam, 377
Virginia. By H. T. Tuckerman, 690
Voiceless Singers, 473
Waiting for News. By Mrs. Mary E. Nealy, 255
Was He Successful? By Richard B. Kimball, 82, 346, 452, 670