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قراءة كتاب Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting Ithaca, New York, December 14 and 15, 1911

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Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting
Ithaca, New York, December 14 and 15, 1911

Northern Nut Growers Association Report of the Proceedings at the Second Annual Meeting Ithaca, New York, December 14 and 15, 1911

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placed at your disposal, for the purpose of making your meeting as profitable and as pleasant as possible.

President Schurman, whose time at this period of the year is much monopolized and who is by previous engagements occupied very completely this morning, has asked me to say to you that he hoped to be able to come over and join us informally some time during the afternoon. I wish then to impress the thought that, although the official representatives of the University and College are not with us, they have not forgotten this meeting. As a member of the Executive Committee, in charge of the sessions, I have made up a tentative program for this morning for the purpose of starting the meeting off; and as the President will undoubtedly tell you later on, this program is subject to revision and change according to the convenience of the members. It is proposed to occupy this morning with regular program subjects, and it has been suggested that this afternoon we take a couple of hours' leisure which we may use in examining the exhibits or in viewing the University, if you care to consider that an exhibit worth while. It will be our pleasure to furnish guides for those who desire to make an excursion around and through the University buildings.

Let me say in conclusion that I hope you will make use of the opportunities and facilities that are at your full disposal. The Department of Horticulture is located on the second floor. I would like you to make that office your headquarters, and make use of our clerical force, and such facilities as are available, to the fullest measure possible, so that your visit will be pleasant, as I am sure it will be profitable.

President Morris: The next order of business will be the report from the Secretary-Treasurer, and the report of the last meeting.

Doctor Deming: A meeting for organization of Northern Nut Growers was held, on the invitation of Dr. N. L. Britton, at the Botanical Museum in Bronx Park, New York City, on Nov. 17th, 1910.

Dr. Britton called the meeting to order, stated its purpose and presented specimens.

Those present were:

  • Dr. N. L. Britton, Director N. Y. Botanic Gardens.
  • Dr. Robert T. Morris, 616 Madison Ave., New York City.
  • Prof. John Craig, of Cornell University.
  • Mr. T. P. Littlepage, Union Trust Building, Washington, D. C.
  • Mr. A. B. Malcomson, Orange, N. J.
  • Mr. Henry Hales, Ridgewood, N. J.
  • Mrs. Joseph L. Lovett, Emilie, Bucks County, Pa.
  • Mrs. Yardly (with Mrs. Lovett).
  • Dr. Geo. Knapp, (at the request of Simpson Bros., Vincennes, Ind.) 21
  • Claremont Ave., New York City.
  • Mr. C. A. Schwartze, 92 Stagg St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
  • Mr. Nash, of the Botanical Museum.
  • Dr. W. C. Deming, Westchester, New York City.

On the retirement of Dr. Britton Dr. Deming acted as temporary chairman and read a number of letters from persons interested in nut culture encouraging the formation of an association.

The chairman appointed Prof. Craig, Dr. Morris and Mr. Littlepage a committee to draw up a tentative constitution or set of working rules until permanent organization could be effected. The committee made the following report which was adopted with the understanding that the executive committee should consider the question of constitution and by-laws and report at the next regular meeting.

Name. The society shall be known as the Northern Nut Growers Association.

Object. The promotion of interest in nut-producing plants, their products and their culture.

Membership. Membership in the society shall be open to all persons who desire to further nut culture, without reference to place of residence or nationality.

Officers. There shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary-treasurer and an executive committee of five persons, of which latter the president and secretary shall be members.

Meetings. The association shall hold an annual meeting on or about Nov. 15 and such other special meetings as may seem desirable, these to be called by the president and executive committee.

Fees. The fees shall be of two kinds, annual and life. The former shall be $2.00, the latter $20.00.

In addition to the large number of letters showing a wide spread interest in nut growing, communications of especial interest were received from Prof. W. N. Hutt, State Horticulturist of North Carolina, Mr. W. N. Roper, former editor of the American Fruit and Nut Journal, and from Mr. Henry Hicks of Westbury, Long Island.

The election of officers resulted as follows:

President—Dr. Robert T. Morris, New York City.

Vice-President—Mr. T. P. Littlepage, Washington, D. C.

Secretary-Treasurer—Dr. W. C. Deming, Westchester, New York City.

Executive Committee: Prof. John Craig, Cornell University; Henry Hales, Ridgewood, N. J.; Prof. C. P. Close, College Park, Md.

Exhibits of nuts, nut literature, trees, grafting methods, a budding tool, etc., were received and shown from nineteen different contributors. A detailed account of these has been published and is on file.

The following resolution, introduced by Mr. T. P. Littlepage, was unanimously adopted:

Resolved, that the Northern Nut Growers' Association express its appreciation of the attitude of the National Nut Growers' Association in encouraging the organization of associations which have for their purpose the development of the nut industry, and we hereby pledge our support to, and our cooperation with, said National Nut Growers' Association. And be it further

Resolved, that we hereby acknowledge our great obligation to the many pioneer nut growers of the South who have done so much to put nut culture on a scientific basis, and that we express to them our deep gratitude for the fund of valuable information and data which they have worked out and made available.

The meeting then adjourned.

The Secretary-Treasurer has received for membership fees $108.00, and expended for postage, printing and stationery, telephone and telegrams, $59.27. Remaining in treasury, $48.73.

The following leaflets were issued during the year:

A reprint of Dr. Morris's article "Nut Culture for Physicians."

A list of societies, books and other publications devoted to nut culture.

A list of some of the chief nurserymen carrying nut trees in stock.

The President also published in the Garden Magazine for May an article on nut culture, in which he referred to our organization, as a result of which some 45 letters of inquiry were received by the secretary, covering the country from Canada to Texas and from British Columbia to Panama.

The leaflets, and notices of the annual meeting, have been sent to about 321 addresses, including the members, agricultural journals, nurserymen and nut dealers, government and state officials, state horticulturists, correspondents and persons who it was thought might be interested.

The following letter was sent to 21 leading nurserymen:

"The President of our association, Dr. Robert T. Morris of New York, asks me to suggest to you that it might be well for your firm, or some member of it, to join the association, to be present at the meetings and to take up the matter of raising such nursery stock as is in constant and growing demand by the members. We need to be in touch with those who are growing things commercially and if they are present at the meetings they will know what we want. The national association is largely made up of professional nurserymen."

Nov. 15, 1911.