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قراءة كتاب Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

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‏اللغة: English
Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

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دار النشر: Project Gutenberg
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58 V. Intestinal worms 92 VI. Bots 92 VII. Position of the left lung 112 VIII. Longitudinal section through kidney 136 IX. Microscopic anatomy of kidney 136 X. Microscopic anatomy of kidney 136 XI. Calculi and instrument for removal 152 XII. Normal presentation 192 XIII. Some factors in difficult labor 192 XIV. Instruments used in difficult labor 192 XV. Abnormal presentations 200 XVI. Abnormal presentations 200 XVII. Abnormal presentations 200 XVIII. Abnormal presentations 200 XIX. The nervous system 216 XX. Interior of chest, showing position of heart and diaphragm 248 XXI. Circulatory apparatus 248 XXII. Diagrammatic vertical section through horse's eye 277 XXIII. Skeleton of horse 304 XXIV. Superficial layer of muscles 304 XXV. Splint 312 XXVI. Ringbone 312 XXVII. Various types of spavin 312 XXVIII. Bone spavin 312 XXIX. Bone spavin 312 XXX. Dislocation of shoulder and elbow, Bourgelat's apparatus 360 XXXI. The sling in use 360 XXXII. Anatomy of foot 400 XXXIII. Anatomy of foot 400 XXXIV. Anatomy and diseases of foot 400 XXXV. Sound and contracted feet