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قراءة كتاب Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

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Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

Special Report on Diseases of the Horse

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XXXVI. Quarter crack and remedies 432 XXXVII. Foundered feet 432 XXXVIII. The skin and its diseases 458 XXXIX. Mites that infest the horse 480 XL. Glanders 544 XLI. Glanders 544 XLII. Glanders 544


Fig. 1. Ground surface of a right fore hoof of the "regular" form 590
2. Pair of fore feet of regular form in regular standing position 591
3. Pair of fore feet of base-wide form in toe-wide standing position 591
4. Pair of fore feet of base-narrow form in toe-narrow standing position 592
5. Side view of an acute-angled fore foot, of a regular fore foot, and of a stumpy fore foot 592
6. Side view of foot with the foot-axis broken backward as a result of too long a toe 595
7. Left fore hoof of a regular form, shod with a plain fullered shoe 599
8. Side view of hoof and fullered shoe 599
9. An acute-angled left fore hoof shod with a bar shoe 601
10. A fairly formed right fore ice shoe for a roadster 601
11. Left fore hoof of regular form shod with a rubber pad and "three-quarter" shoe 602
12. A narrow right fore hoof of the base-wide standing position shod with a plain "dropped crease" shoe 602
13. Hoof surface of a right hind shoe to prevent interfering 603
14. Ground surface of shoe shown in fig. 13 603
15. Side view of a fore hoof shod so as to quicken the "breaking over" in a "forger" 604
16. Side view of a short-toed hind hoof of a forger 604
17. A toe-weight shoe to increase the length of stride of fore feet 605
18. Most common form of punched heel-weight shoe to induce high action in fore feet 605



By Leonard Pearson, B. S., V. M. D.

In the examination of a sick horse it is important to have a method or system. If a definite plan of examination is followed one may feel reasonably sure, when the examination is finished, that no important point has been