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قراءة كتاب Peter Pry's Puppet Show Part the II.

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‏اللغة: English
Peter Pry's Puppet Show
Part the II.

Peter Pry's Puppet Show Part the II.

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Part the II.

“There is a time for all things,
A time to work, and a time to play.”


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Price plain, 12½ cents—coloured, 18¾ cents.

Peter Pry’s Puppet Show Part the SecondPeter Pry’s
Puppet Show
Part the Second
Here’s johnny Bull From England come,
Who boasts of being a sailor,
But yankey tars will let him know,
He’ll meet with many a Failure.
The Elephant upright and tall
Dress’d up in Eastern style Sir
His efforts here to show himself
I think will make you smile Sir
Here’s Bruin next from Russia come,
Dont let him you affright, Sir
Tho in his manner rather rough
You’ll find him here polite, Sir
Now here is somebody indeed!!
You’ll know him I’ll engage Sir,
If not, I’ll tell who it is,
Tis Boney in a Cage Sir.
Here’s Somebody and Nobody,
To make you smile and laugh Sir,
Which you’ll allow than crying is,
Much better far by half Sir.
A learned Dog you now behold
Much more so than his betters,
Do you by him example