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قراءة كتاب The Children of Odin: The Book of Northern Myths

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The Children of Odin: The Book of Northern Myths

The Children of Odin: The Book of Northern Myths

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The Book of Northern Myths

By Padraic Colum

Illustrated by Willy Pogany

Master storyteller Padraic Colum's rich, musical voice captures all the magic and majesty of the Norse sagas in his retellings of the adventures of the gods and goddesses who lived in the Northern paradise of Asgard before the dawn of history.

Here are the matchless tales of All-Father Odin, who crosses the Rainbow Bridge to walk among men in Midgard and sacrifices his right eye to drink from the Well of Wisdom; of Thor, whose mighty hammer defends Asgard; of Loki, whose mischievous cunning leads him to treachery against the gods; of giants, dragons, dwarfs and Valkyries; and of the terrible last battle that destroyed their world.

These ancient stories from Northern Europe, which make up one of the great myth cycles of Western civilization, spring to life in The Children of Odin. This classic volume, first published in 1920 and reissued in 1962, is now available for the first time in paperback, illustrated with the original line drawings by Willy Pogany, to inspire a new generation of readers.

The late Padraic Colum was a poet, playwright, founder of the Irish Review and a leader of the Irish Renaissance, but he is perhaps best known today for his outstanding books for children. He was awarded the Regina Medal in 1961 for his "distinguished contribution to children's literature," honoring works like The Children's Homer, The Golden Fleece (a Newbery Honor Book), The Arabian Nights, The King of Ireland's Son and Roofs of Gold.


The Book of Northern Myths



illustrated by
Willy Pogany

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New York

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Copyright Macmillan Publishing Company, a division of Macmillan, Inc., 1920; copyright renewed by Padraic Colum and Macmillan Publishing Company 1948
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The Children of Odin is also published in a hardcover edition by Macmillan Publishing Company.
First Collier Books edition 1984
Printed in the United States of America

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Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Colum, Padraic, 1881-1972.

The children of Odin.

Summary: A retelling of the Norse sagas about Odin, Freya, Thor, Loki and the other gods and goddesses who lived in Asgard before the dawn of history.

1. Mythology, Norse—Juvenile literature.
[1. Mythology, Norse] I. Pogany, Willy, 1882-1955, ill.
II. Title.

BL860.C63 1984b 293'.13 83-20368
ISBN 0-02-042100-1 (pbk.: alk. paper)


PART I   The Dwellers in Asgard
1. Far Away and Long Ago 3
2. The Building of the Wall 6
3. Iduna and Her Apples: How Loki Put the Gods in Danger 13
4. Sif's Golden Hair: How Loki Wrought Mischief in Asgard 27
5. How Brock Brought Judgment on Loki 34
6. How Freya Gained Her Necklace and How Her Loved One Was Lost to Her 44
7. How Frey Won Gerda, the Giant Maiden, and How He Lost His Magic Sword 51
8. Heimdall and Little Hnossa: How All Things Came to Be 62
9. The All-Father's Forebodings: How He Leaves Asgard 69
PART II   Odin the Wanderer
1. Odin Goes to Mimir's Well: His Sacrifice for Wisdom 77
2. Odin Faces an Evil Man 82
3. Odin Wins for Men the Magic Mead 90
4. Odin Tells to Vidar, His Silent Son, the Secret of His Doings 99
5. Thor and Loki in the Giants' City 102
6. How Thor and Loki Befooled Thrym the Giant 116
7. Ægir's Feast: How Thor Triumphed