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قراءة كتاب Interviews (1998-2001)

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

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Interviews (1998-2001)

Interviews (1998-2001)

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The Project Gutenberg EBook of Interviews (1998-2001), by Marie Lebert

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Title: Interviews (1998-2001)

Author: Marie Lebert

Release Date: October 26, 2008 [EBook #27032]

Language: English


Produced by Al Haines

INTERVIEWS (1998-2001)


NEF, University of Toronto, 2001

Copyright © 2001 Marie Lebert

What do they do on the Web? What do they think of the Internet, copyright, multilingualism, the future of paper, the e-book, the information society, etc.? A series of interviews between 1998 and 2001 with writers, journalists, publishers, booksellers, librarians, professors, researchers, linguists, etc. There is also a French version (with more interviews): Entretiens (1998-2001), and a Spanish version (with a few interviews): Entrevistas (1998-2001). The original versions are available on the NEF, University of Toronto:


(*) Interviews translated by Marie Lebert (with Greg Chamberlain).

Guy Antoine (New Jersey) / Founder of Windows on Haiti, a source of positive information about Haitian culture

Arlette Attali * (Paris) / Head of Research and Internet Projects at the INaLF
(Institut national de la langue française - National Institute of the French

Robert Beard (Pennsylvania) / Co-Founder of, a major language portal

Michael Behrens (Bielefeld, Germany) / In charge of the digital library of
Bielfeld University Library

Guy Bertrand & Cynthia Delisle * (Montreal) / Respectively scientific director and consultant at the CEVEIL (Centre d'expertise et de veille inforoutes et langues - Centre for Assessment and Monitoring of Information Highways and Languages)

Alain Bron * (Paris) / Information systems consultant and writer. The Internet is one of the "characters" of his novel Sanguine sur toile (Sanguine on the Web)

Tyler Chambers (Boston) / Creator of The Human-Languages Page (who became iLoveLanguages in 2001) and The Internet Dictionary Project

Alain Clavet * (Ottawa) / Policy analyst with the Office of the Commissioner of the Official Languages in Canada

Jean-Pierre Cloutier * (Montreal) / Editor of Chroniques de Cybérie, a weekly report of Internet news

Kushal Dave * (Yale) / Student at Yale University

Bruno Didier * (Paris) / Webmaster of the Institute Pasteur Library

Catherine Domain * (Paris) / Founder of the Ulysses Bookstore (Librairie
Ulysse), the oldest travel bookstore in the world

Helen Dry (Michigan) / Moderator of The Linguist List

Bill Dunlap (Paris & San Francisco) / Founder of Global Reach, a methodology for companies to expand their Internet presence through a multilingual website

Jacques Gauchey * (San Francisco) / Specialist in the information technology industry, "facilitator" between the United States and Europe, and journalist

Marcel Grangier * (Bern) / Head of the French Section of the Swiss Federal
Government's Central Linguistic Services

Barbara F. Grimes (Hawaii) / Editor of Ethnologue: Languages of the World

Michael Hart (Illinois) / Founder of Project Gutenberg, the oldest digital library on the Internet

Roberto Hernández Montoya * (Caracas) / Head of the digital library of the electronic magazine Venezuela Analítica

Randy Hobler (Dobbs Ferry, New York) / Internet Marketing Consultant. Worked at
Globalink, a company specialized in language translation software and services

Eduard Hovy (Marina del Rey, California) / Head of the Natural Language Group at the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California (USC/ISI)

Christiane Jadelot * (Nancy, France) / Researcher at the INaLF (Institut national de la langue française - National Institute of the French Language)

Jean-Paul * (Paris) / Webmaster of cotres furtifs (Furtive Cutter Ships), a website that tells stories in 3D

Brian King / Director of the WorldWide Language Institute, who initiated NetGlos
(The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology)

Geoffrey Kingscott (London) / Co-editor of the online magazine Language Today

Steven Krauwer (Utrecht, Netherlands) / Coordinator of the European Network of
Excellence in Human Language Technologies (ELSNET)

Michael Martin (Berkeley, California) / Founder and president of Travlang, a site dedicated both to travel and languages

Tim McKenna (Geneva) / Thinks and writes about the complexity of truth in a world of flux

Yoshi Mikami (Fujisawa, Japan) / Creator of The Languages of the World by
Computers and the Internet, and co-author of The Multilingual Web Guide

John Mark Ockerbloom (Pennsylvania) / Founder of The On-Line Books Page, listing freely-available online books

Caoimhín P. Ó Donnaíle (Island of Skye, Scotland) / Maintains a list of european minority languages on the main website with information on Scottish Gaelic

Jacques Pataillot * (Paris) / Management Consultant with the firm Cap Gemini
Ernst & Young

Peter Raggett (Paris) / Head of the Centre for Documentation and Information
(CDI) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Henri Slettenhaar (Geneva) / Professor in communication technology at Webster

Murray Suid (Palo Alto, California) / Writer, works for EDVantage Software, an
Internet company specialized in educational software

June Thompson (Hull, United Kingdom) / Manager of the C&IT (Communications &
Information Technology) Centre at the University of Hull

Paul Treanor (Netherlands) / Created a personal website with a section on the future of languages in Europe

François Vadrot * (Paris) / Founder, chairman and managing director of FTPress
(French Touch Press), a cybermedia company

Robert Ware (Colorado) / Creator of Onelook Dictionaries, a fast finder of words in 650 dictionaries

GUY ANTOINE (New Jersey)

#Founder of Windows on Haiti, a source of positive information about Haitian culture

*Interview of November 22, 1999

= Can you tell us about Windows on Haiti?

At the end of April 1998, I launched an Internet site, simple in concept, but ambitious in its reach and overall scope. The site aims to be a major source of information about Haitian culture, and a