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قراءة كتاب Project Gutenberg (1971-2008)

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‏اللغة: English
Project Gutenberg (1971-2008)

Project Gutenberg (1971-2008)

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دار النشر: Project Gutenberg
الصفحة رقم: 9

Peter Pan, by James Barrie (1904) [posted in June 1991].

eBook #100: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (1590-1613) [posted in January 1994].

eBook #1000: La Divina Commedia di Dante (1321, in Italian) [posted in August 1997].

eBook #2000: Don Quichote, by Cervantès (1605, in Spanish) [posted in May 1999].

eBook #3000: A l'ombre des Jeunes Filles en Fleurs, vol. 3, by Marcel Proust (1919, in French) [posted in December 2000].

eBook #4000: The French Immortals Series (1905) [posted in October 2001].

eBook #5000: The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci (early 16th century) [posted in April 2002].

eBook #10000: The Magna Carta (early 13th century) [posted in October 2003].

eBook #15000: The Life of Reason, by George Santayana (1906) [posted in January 2005].

eBook #20000: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne (1869), audio book [posted in December 2006].

eBook #25000: English Book Collectors, by William Younger Fletcher (1902) [posted in April 2008].

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April 2008: 55 languages.

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July 2005: English, French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Chinese. [Out of a total of 16,800 books on July 27, 2005, 14,548 books are in English, 577 books in French, 349 books in German, 218 books in Finnish, 130 books in Dutch, 103 books in Spanish and 69 books in Chinese.]

December 2006: English, French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Portuguese, Tagalog. [Out of a total of 19,996 books on December 16, 2006, 17,377 books are in English, 966 books in French, 412 books in German, 344 books in Finnish, 244 books in Dutch, 140 books in Spanish, 102 books in Italian, 69 books in Chinese, 68 books in Portuguese and 51 books in Tagalog.]

April 2008: English, French, German, Finnish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Latin, Tagalog. [Out of a total of 25,004 books on April 21, 2008, 21,475 books are in English, 1,168 books in French, 530 books in German, 433 books in Finnish, 326 books in Dutch, 217 books in Portuguese, 196 books in Chinese, 180 books in Spanish, 128 books in Italian, 55 books in Latin and 54 books in Tagalog.]

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