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قراءة كتاب The Elusive Pimpernel

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The Elusive Pimpernel

The Elusive Pimpernel

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By Baroness Orczy


Chapter I:   Paris: 1793

Chapter II:   A Retrospect

Chapter III:   Ex-Ambassador Chauvelin

Chapter IV:   The Richmond Gala

Chapter V:   Sir Percy and His Lady

Chapter VI:   For the Poor of Paris

Chapter VII:   Premonition

Chapter VIII:   The Invitation

Chapter IX:   Demoiselle Candeille

Chapter X:   Lady Blakeney's Rout

Chapter XI:   The Challenge

Chapter XII:   Time—Place—Conditions

Chapter XIII:   Reflections

Chapter XIV:   The Ruling Passion

Chapter XV:   Farewell

Chapter XVI:   The Passport

Chapter XVII:   Boulogne

Chapter XVIII:   No. 6

Chapter XIX:   The Strength of the Weak

Chapter XX:   Triumph

Chapter XXI:   Suspense

Chapter XXII:   Not Death

Chapter XXIII:    The Hostage

Chapter XXIV:   Colleagues

Chapter XXV:   The Unexpected

Chapter XXVI:   The Terms of the Bargain

Chapter XXVII:   The Decision

Chapter XXVIII:   The Midnight Watch

Chapter XXIX:   The National Fete

Chapter XXX:   The Procession

Chapter XXXI:   Final Dispositions

Chapter XXXII:   The Letter

Chapter XXXIII:     The English Spy

Chapter XXXIV:   The Angelus

Chapter XXXV:   Marguerite

Chapter I: Paris: 1793

There was not even a reaction.

On! ever on! in that wild, surging torrent; sowing the wind of anarchy, of terrorism, of lust of blood and hate, and reaping a hurricane of destruction and of horror.

On! ever on! France, with Paris and all her children still rushes blindly, madly on; defies the powerful coalition,—Austria, England, Spain, Prussia, all joined together to stem the flow of carnage,—defies the Universe and defies God!

Paris this September 1793!—or shall we call it Vendemiaire, Year I. of the Republic?—call it what we will! Paris! a city of bloodshed, of humanity in its lowest, most degraded aspect. France herself a gigantic self-devouring monster, her fairest cities destroyed, Lyons razed to the ground, Toulon, Marseilles, masses of blackened ruins, her bravest sons turned to lustful brutes or to abject cowards seeking safety at the cost of any humiliation.

That is thy reward, oh mighty, holy Revolution! apotheosis of