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قراءة كتاب The Shadow of a Man

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The Shadow of a Man

The Shadow of a Man

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The Shadow of a Man


Shadow of a Man

By E. W. Hornung





Charles Scribner's Sons

New York 1901





Copyright, 1900, by
J. B. Lippincott Co.

Copyright, 1901, by
Charles Scribner's Son







I. The Belle of Toorak 1
II. Injury 14
III. Insult 28
IV. Bethune of the Hall 39
V. A Red Herring 58
VI. Below Zero 67
VII. A Cavalier 84
VIII. The Kind of Life 97
IX. Pax in Bello 120
X. The Truth by Inches 134
XI. Bethune v. Bethune 147
XII. An Escapade 166
XIII. Blind Man's Block 180
XIV. His Own Coin 196
XV. The Fact of the Matter 206

The Shadow of a Man



"And you're quite sure the place doesn't choke you off?"

"The place? Why, I'd marry you for it alone. It's just sweet!"

Of course it was nothing of the kind. There was the usual galaxy of log huts; the biggest and best of them, the one with the verandah in which the pair were sitting, was far from meriting the name of house which courtesy extended to it. These huts had the inevitable roofs of galvanised iron; these roofs duly expanded in the heat, and made the little tin thunder that dwellers beneath them grow weary of hearing, the warm world over. There were a few pine-trees between the buildings, and the white palings of a well among the pines, and in the upper spaces a broken but persistent horizon of salt-bush plains burning into the blinding blue. In the Riverina you cannot escape these features: you may have more pine-trees and less salt-bush; you may even get blue-bush and cotton-bush, and an occasional mallee forest; but the plains will recur, and the pines will mitigate the plains, and the dazzle and the scent of them shall haunt you evermore, with that sound of the hot complaining roofs, and the taste of tea from a pannikin and water from a water-bag. These rude refinements were delights still in store for Moya Bethune, who