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قراءة كتاب The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

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The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

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131.—Newly-discovered Raphael, 131.—Daguerreotypes, 131.—Letter from Hiram Powers, 279.—Monument to Wordsworth, 279.—Monument to Weber, 279.—Works of Cornelius, 279.—Greenonga's Group for the Capital, 279.—The Twelve Virgins of Raphael, 279.—Tributes by Greece to her Benefactors, 279.—Paul Delaroche, 417.—Winterhalter, 417.—New Scriptures in the Crystal Palace, 417.—London Art-Union, 417.—American Art-Union. 417.—Powers's Eve, 417.—Leutze, 417.—The London Art-Journal on the Engravings of the American Art-Union. 561.—The Philadelphia Art-Union, 561.—The Western Art-Union, 562.—Mr. Healy's Picture of Webster's Reply to Hayne, 562.—Mr. Lentze's Washington Crossing the Delaware, 562—Illustrations of Martin Luther, 562.—Lentze's Washington. 743.—Colossal Statue of Washington at Munich, 703.—Kaulbach's Frescoes, 703.—Cadame's Compositions of the Seasons, 703.—Portraits of Bishop White and Daniel Webster, 703.

Authors and Books.—The Story of Talns, and the Sardonic Laughter, by Merehlen, 122.—A German Treatise on Free Trade, 122.—Curious Medical Works in Germany, 122.—Weiseler on the Theatre, 122.—Woodcuts of celebrated Masters, 123.—Recent German Poetry, 123.—Venedy's Schleswig-Holstein in 1850, 123.—Souvenirs of Early Germans, 123.—Gutzkow, Reimer, and Gubitz. 123.—Mundi's Macchiavelli and the Course of European Policy, 123.—New German Novels, 124.—Baner's Documents respecting the Monastery of Arnsburg, 124.—Mss. of Peter Schlemil, 124.—Professor O. L. B. Wohl's Poetic and Prosaic Home Treasury, 124.—German opinion of Miss Weber, 124.—Professor Zahn at Pompeii, 124.—Barthohl's History of German Cities, 124.—Cornell on Feurebach, 124.—New Book of the Planets by Ernst, 125.—Waldmeister's Bridal Tour, 125.—German version of George Copyway's Book, 125.—German Survey of American Institutions, 125.—Russian Literature, 125.—Jewish Professors in Austria, 125.—Dumas's new Works, 125.—Madame Reybaud, 125.—New Volume of Thier's History of the Empire, 125.—Mignet's Life of Mary Queen of Scots, 126.—Cormenin on the Revision of the Constitution, 126.—Literary Episodes in the East, by Marcellus, 126.—Victor Hugo. 126.—Madame Bocarme, 126.—Signatures to Articles in the French Journals, 126.—Arago's loss of sight, 126.—George Sand to Dumas, 127.—Vacherot on the Philosophical School of Alexandria, public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@36124@[email protected]#Page_127" class="pginternal"