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قراءة كتاب The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

‏اللغة: English
The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

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Lecture by "Nimrod," 621

Deaths, Recent.—General Arbuckle, 139.—Mrs. Thomas Sheridan, 139.—Bishop Carlson, 139.—Sir J. E. Dalzell, 139.—Chevalier Parisot de Guyrmont, 139.—General James Miller, 140.—General Uminski, 140.—Viscount Melville, 140.—Mr. Dyce Sombre, 140.—Bishop Medrano, 140.—The Earl of Shaftesbury, 141.—Mr. Thomas Wright Hill, 142.—Melchior Boisserée, 142.—Christian Tieck, the Sculptor, 142.—Rev. Stephen Olin, D.D., 282.—Baron de Leideni, 282.—Edward Quillinan, 282.—Harriet Lee, 282.—Dr. Julius, 282.—Rev. Azariah Smith, 282.—General Henry A. S. Dearborn, 283.—D. M. Mon, 228, 283.—General Sir Roger Sheafe, 283.—M. Daguerre, (Portrait), 283.—Rev. Dr. Lingard, (Portrait), 285.—Marshal Sebastian, 287.—J. Fenimore Cooper, 428.—Rev. T. H. Gallaudet, 428.—Judge Beverly Tucker, 428.—Levi Woodbury, 429.—General McClure, 429.—Lorenz Ocken, 429.—Count Killmansegge, 430.—H. E. G. Paulus, 430.—Joseph Rusiecki, 430.—John Gottfried Gruber, 430.—The Earl of Clare, 431.—Sir Henry Jardine, 431.—Mrs. Sherwood, 572.—Rev. James H. Hotchkiss, 572.—General Henry Whitney, 572.—Commodore Warrington, 572.—Professor Kidd, 573.—The Earl of Donoughmore, 573.—William Nicol, 574.—Mr. Freeman, the Missionary, 574.—James Richardson, 574.—William Willshire, 574.—J. R. Dubois, 575.—Gustav Carlin, 575.—Archibald Alexander, D. D., 705.—J. Kearney Rogers, M.D., 705.—Rev. Wm. Croswell, D.D., 706.—Granville Sharpe Pattison, M.D., 706.—Mr. Stephens, author of The Manuscripts of Erdeley, 706.—Mr. Gutzlaff, the Missionary, 707.—Don Manuel Godoy, the Prince of the Peace, 708.—George Baker, 708.—M. de Savigny, 708.—Archbishop Wingard, 708.—Samuel Beaseley, author of The Roué, 708.—H. P. Borrell, 708.—James Tyler, R. D., 708.—Emma Martin, 709.—Yar Mohammed, 709.—Alexander Lee, 710.—Prince Frederick of Prussia, 710.

Exile's Sunset Song.—By John R. Thompson, 26

Egypt, The last Joseph in, 185

English in America.—By the author of "Sam Slick," 186

Egypt under Abbas Pasha,—By Bayle St. John, 259

Earthquake in Europe, The Last, 467

Fleischmann, Herr, on Life in America, 158

Fallen Genius.—By Miss Alice Carey, 288

Flying Artist, 398

Franklin, Inedited Letter of Dr., 472

Fragments from a New Volume of Poems.—By Thomas L. Beddoes, 550

French Flower Girl, The, 641

Fragments of a Poem.—By H. W. Parker, 189

Great Fair at Rochester. (Fifteen Engravings.) 438

Gold-Quartz and Society in California, 472

Greenwood.—By Maunsell B. Field, 476

Ghost Story of Normandy, 512

Gerard, and the Baron Munchausen, in Africa, M. Jules, 587

German Handbook of America, 598

Gondolettas: Two Songs.—By Alice B. Neal, 597

Hahn-Hahn, The Countess Ida, 17

History of a Rose, 117

Huntington, Dr., on Copyright, 308

Heroines of History: Laura.—By Mary E. Hewitt, 480

Habits of Frederick the Great, 528

Herman Melville's New Novel of "The Whale," 602

Historical Review of the Month.—The United States: Elections, &c., 567.—Foreign Relations, 567.—Mexico, 568.—South American States, 568.—Great Britain, 568.—France, Italy, Russia, &c., 569.—The East, &c., 569.—The American Elections, 704.—Kossuth in England, 704.—Europe, and the East, 704.

Imaginary Conversations at Warsaw.—By Walter Savage Landor, 98

In the Harem.—By R. H. Stoddard, 164

Illustrations of Motives, 280

International Copyright, 386

Jules Janin and the Paris Feuilletonistes, 18

Jungle Recollection.—By Captain Hardbargain, 110

Jews in China, 264

Jefferson, Mr., on the Study of the Anglo-Saxon Language, 468

Landscapes, Swedish.—By Hans Christian Andersen, public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@36124@[email protected]#Page_20" class="pginternal"