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قراءة كتاب Swords Reluctant War and The Woman

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Swords Reluctant
War and The Woman

Swords Reluctant War and The Woman

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Swords Reluctant

Published in London under the title of

"War and the Woman"


Max Pemberton

Author of "The Fortunate Prisoner," "The Garden of Swords," etc.

"Peace hath her victories
No less renowned than war."

Milton: Sonnets.

"I, in this weak piping time of peace,
Have no delight to pass away the time,
Unless to see my shadow in the sun."

Shakespeare: Richard III.

G. W. Dillingham Company

Publishers New York

Entered for Copyright May 29th, 1912

under the title of


Copyright, 1912, by

G. W. Dillingham Company

under the title of


Swords Reluctant



non exercitus

neque thesauri præsidia regni sunt,

verum amici

The Author would make acknowledgments to Sir Max Waechter and to Sir Francis Trippel for the generous help given to this book and to its purpose. While the characters in it are entirely fictitious, the scheme for the Federation of Europe is wholly due to Sir Max Waechter's initiative. This scheme has obtained favour at the Courts of the Continent and is warmly approved by many in this country, who realise how inseparably the Peace question is allied to that of the national finance.


Book I.—The Challenge


1. Gabrielle Silvester Writes a Letter 11

2. A Man of Destiny 20

3. Between Heaven and Earth 30

4. The Beginning of the Odyssey 45

5. General d'Arny and his Daughter 67

Book II.—The Players

1. A Race for an Emperor 81

2. Louis De Paleologue 91

3. The Damnable Mountains 101

4. The Burning of Ranovica 114

5. A Strange Voyage 133

6. Goodwill Toward Men 156

Book III.—Aftermath

1. The Memorable Winter 173

2. Of Love but not of Marriage 193

3. After Ten Days 203

4. Cinderella 219

5. The Man of the Moment 234

Book IV.—Merely Men and Women

1. After the Debacle 247

2. The Shadow is Lifted 263

3. The Marigolds to the Sun 272

4. Surrender and Afterwards 284

5. Two Ships upon the Sea public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@42763@[email protected]#ch4-5" class="pginternal"