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قراءة كتاب Harper's Young People, November 9, 1880 An Illustrated Monthly

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Harper's Young People, November 9, 1880
An Illustrated Monthly

Harper's Young People, November 9, 1880 An Illustrated Monthly

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Vol. II.—No. 54. Published by HARPER & BROTHERS, New York. Price Four Cents.
Tuesday, November 9, 1880. Copyright, 1880, by Harper & Brothers. $1.50 per Year, in Advance.

A WORK OF ART.—Drawn by Jessie Curtis.



Who is this nabob come to town,
After a long vacation?
He seems to have a host of friends,
And makes a great sensation.
He stalks about these frosty nights,
While troops of boys run after
To welcome him with merry jests
And ringing shouts of laughter.
'Tis Mr. Jack-o'-Lantern.

He towers above the noisy group
As though he were a grandee,
And struts about upon his stilts
As agile as a dandy.
You might think him an Eastern prince,
Because his skin's so yellow;
But spite of all his airs, he is
A common sort of fellow,
This Mr. Jack-o'-Lantern.

All summer long upon the ground
He lay forlorn, dejected;
No one in all the country round
Was quite so much neglected.
But see him now! with head aloft,
He shines with regal splendor,
And loyal subjects by the score
Admiring homage render.
How proud is Jack-o'-Lantern!

Now give three cheers for Jack, my lads—
Three rousing cheers, and hearty;
For is he not the brightest one
In all your jolly party?
And though his is an empty head,
He can with satisfaction
Amuse a crowd, and make himself
The centre of attraction.
Hurrah for Jack-o'-Lantern!

[Begun in Harper's Young People No. 53, November