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قراءة كتاب The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer

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The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer

The Practical Ostrich Feather Dyer

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Ostrich Feather Dyer,



"Textile Colorist,"
506 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa., U. S. A. 1888.

Copyright, 1888, by Mrs. Dr. M. Frank.

All Rights Reserved.


In the preparation of this work it has been my aim to present Recipes, simple, yet complete in every detail, for dyeing every color and shade of color known. Reliability, practicability and rapidity I claim for this work, and would ask that it be judged not from a literary standpoint, but as a thorough and practical instructor in the art of Ostrich Feather Dyeing, as simplified and perfected by me during years of hard work and research. It is the first work of its kind ever put before the public in the English language, and will, in consequence, receive from those interested close scrutiny and criticism, which prompts the author to offer $1000 to any person who will prove that the recipes herein contained, or any single one of them, will not produce the desired color or shade perfect and in the time mentioned. The old methodical orthodox dyers will find a decided advantage in being enabled to make colors in minutes, that heretofore required hours and days to complete. Technicalities and high-sounding phrases for the names of colors and terms of the dye-house have no place in this work. It is not necessary for a man to be a chemist to be a practical feather dyer, other authorities to the contrary notwithstanding. Good practical common sense and judgment and a knowledge of the nature of the goods you are handling, and throw theory to the winds.

Alex Paul.



The following are a few of the numerous testimonials received by Dr. M. Frank, Manager of "Textile Colorist," in evidence of our method:

Chicago, Feb. 23, 1885.

All I have to say regarding Mr. Alex. Paul's method for dyeing ostrich feathers are just as he represents, and after having taken a course I am perfectly satisfied.

I. F. Schwarz.

Richmond, Va., Jan. 20, 1885.

Sir,—After receiving a course of instruction of Mr. Alex. Paul, I think he is a thorough master of his art, and fully comes up his promises, and any one who wishes to learn the art could not do better than to engage his services.

Jas. F. Thurston.

Louisville, Ky., March 12, 1885.

This is to certify that I have this day received instructions from Mr. Paul, in the art of feather dyeing, and I can truly say that I am much pleased with his process, so simple, so quickly done, and produces such beautiful colors and shades. I paid $150 to other parties for instruction in feather dyeing, and I can say that I knew but little about feather dyeing before to-day.

P. Barrister.

Milwaukee, Feb. 27, 1885.

We take pleasure in recommending the method of feather dyeing taught to us by Mr. Alex. Paul, for the sum of fifty dollars. We think it would be beneficial for any dyer to learn this art.

Otto Pietsch Co.

Rochester, Feb. 4, 1885.

This is to certify that Mr. Paul has this day given me instructions in ostrich feather dyeing, for which I paid fifty dollars. I am perfectly satisfied that he has accomplished all that he undertook to do to my satisfaction, and think that it will prove to be money well invested.

Wm. Mains.

Canton, O., Feb. 11, 1885.

I have taken this day a course of instruction in ostrich feather dyeing from Mr. A. Paul, for which I paid him fifty dollars. The same I consider the most simple and best method known; and is well worth ten times the amount.

C. Peter & Son.

Utica, Jan. 31, 1885.

I have received a course of instructions from Alex. Paul, for which I paid him fifty dollars, and would state that I consider Mr. Paul a thorough master of the art of feather dyeing, and feel that five times the amount paid him would not be equivalent to the information received.

John W. McLean.

Milwaukee, Feb. 28, 1885.

Mr. Alex. Paul has given me instruction for dyeing and cleaning ostrich feathers. I feel satisfied to certify that his method cannot be excelled, and that the instruction is worth ten times the amount charged.

I. Leiser.

Baltimore, Jan. 14, 1885.

Sir,—I have received through Mr. Alex. Paul of your method of feather dyeing, and acknowledge that your method is far superior to my most vivid imagination of what can be executed in the art of feather dyeing. I would not sell the information I have obtained, nor would be without it for a great deal more than I paid for it.

E. Bauer.

Albany, Jan. 28, 1885.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to learn the art of feather dyeing as taught by Mr. Alex. Paul, and will never regret it. It is the easiest, most economical and the best method known. I paid Mr. Paul fifty dollars for his instruction, but I would not be without it for five hundred. It is, without exception, the finest method extant.

John P. Mayer.

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