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قراءة كتاب The Adopting of Rosa Marie (A Sequel to Dandelion Cottage)

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The Adopting of Rosa Marie
(A Sequel to Dandelion Cottage)

The Adopting of Rosa Marie (A Sequel to Dandelion Cottage)

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XXV.  Comparing Notes 237 XXVI.  Christmas Eve 248 XXVII.  A Crowded Day 256 XXVIII.  A Bettie-less Plan 265 XXIX.  Anxious Days 275 XXX.  An April Harvest 286


Bettie Tucker, aged 12:    The Cottagers
Jeanie Mapes, aged 14:  
Marjory Vale, aged 12:  
Mabel Bennett aged 11:  
Rosa Marie: The Unreturnable Baby.
The Mother of Rosa Marie.
Anne Halliday:    Borrowed Babies.
The Marcotte Twins:  
The Little Tuckers:  
Henrietta Bedford: The New Girl.
Mrs. Howard Slater:    Of Henrietta's Household.
The Janitor: An Unappreciated Hero.
Dr. Tucker: A Clergyman with More Children than Money.
Dr. Bennett: A Physician.
Mr. Black: A Friend to Children.
Mrs. Crane: His Sister.
Aunty Jane: Marjory's Sole Visible Relative.
Some Mothers and Brothers.
Mrs. Malony: The Light-hearted Egg-woman.



My soul, what are you, anyway Frontispiece
Rosa Marie and the sidewalk were one 16
The sturdy fellow carried her out of the room 112
The decidedly depressed four started down the street 164
"Another 'eathen God from Hindia" 234


Borrowed Babies

THE oldest inhabitant said that Lakeville was experiencing an unusual fall. He would probably have said the same thing if the high-perched town had accidentally tumbled off the bluff into the blue lake; but in this instance, he referred merely to the weather, which was certainly unusually mild for autumn.

It was not, however, the oldest, but four of the youngest citizens that rejoiced most in this unusual prolonging of summer; for the continued warm weather made it possible for those devoted friends, Jean Mapes, Marjory Vale, Mabel Bennett and little Bettie Tucker, to spend many a delightful hour in their precious Dandelion Cottage, the real, tumble-down house that was now, after so many narrow escapes, safely their very own. Some day, to be sure, it would be torn down to make room for a habitable dwelling, but that unhappy day was still too remote to cause any uneasiness.

Of course, when very cold weather should come, it would be necessary to close the beloved Cottage, for there was no heating plant, there were many large