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قراءة كتاب The Gospel: An Exposition of its First Principles Revised and Enlarged Edition

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The Gospel: An Exposition of its First Principles
Revised and Enlarged Edition

The Gospel: An Exposition of its First Principles Revised and Enlarged Edition

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Author of Life of John Taylor; Outlines of Ecclesiastical History; New Witnesses, Etc.

Revised and Enlarged Edition.



Salt Lake City, Utah.


"Religion, my honored friend, is surely a simple business, as it equally concerns the ignorant and the learned, the poor and the rich." —Burns.


This work has been written for the purpose of instructing the youth of Zion in the first principles of the gospel.

For the most part our parents have been converted to the gospel while living in the various States of this country, or in foreign lands, by the preaching of the servants of God sent forth of him to proclaim the ushering in of the Dispensation of the Fullness of Times, and to call mankind to repentance. They carefully and thoroughly examined every principle advanced by them; for notwithstanding the doctrines taught by the Elders were older than the earth, and in various dispensations have been expounded by prophets and apostles whose testimony is recorded in the Bible, yet something in the spirit by which they were proclaimed, and the manner in which they were combined, made them a new gospel—a new religion.

Not only did our parents hear the public discourses of the servants of God, but in the home circle—to which they invited the teachers of the seemingly New Faith—the gospel, the harmony and beauty of its principles, the consistent blending in it of justice, and mercy, its sanctifying influence upon the human character, its spirit and powers, were all common topics of their conversation; until they not only intellectually assented to it as a grand system of truth, but also became imbued with its spirit, and felt and enjoyed its powers.

With the youth of Zion it has been different. Being removed from the errors of the sectarian world, it has been thought they would accept the gospel as a matter of course. It may be stated as a general truth, that too much in this respect has been taken for granted; and in too many instances our youth have not been instructed so thoroughly in the things of God as they ought to have been. Many have grown up in lamentable ignorance of even the First Principles of the gospel—which ignorance is often confounded with unbelief, or mistaken for infidelity.

To such the gospel has only to be presented intelligently, and in its native simplicity, to be accepted. "Whoever examined our religion," said one of the Fathers of the early Christian Church, "but what he accepted it?" So now: the Gospel has only to be understood to be admired and believed.

It is to place within their reach a thorough exposition of the First Principles of the gospel that this work has been prepared, and is now presented to the youth of Zion: and it is the earnest hope of the author that by a patient perusal of these pages those who now believe the gospel will find their faith strengthened and confirmed; and those who do not believe it, be convinced of its truth.

It is but fair to the writer to say that the work has been written amid the busy scenes of missionary life in a foreign land. Its preparation has been frequently interrupted by travel, and the performance of many other duties requiring the writer's attention. If this work, therefore, in point of excellence shall fall below what was desired by the General Superintendency of the Mutual Improvement Associations, at whose instigation it was written, it is hoped these circumstances will in some degree excuse it.

The Author.


I had determined in the second edition of this work to very much alter its general plan and enlarge it; but a number of friends who have used "The Gospel" as a text-book in our Church schools, in Improvement Associations and theological classes, persuaded me not to materially change or too much enlarge it. Their experience in using the little work as a text-book gives weight to their opinions, and I have so far yielded to their judgment that I have made but few changes, and those merely verbal, in this edition of the book.

I have, however, added as a supplement, a series of articles originally written for The Contributor, on "Man's Relationship to Deity." Those articles were intended in the first place to be supplemental to "The Gospel," and as the theme has a close relation to the subject of which the work treats, I thought it would increase the interest in the whole subject to publish them in this edition.

The Author.


Chapter I.—Introductory
Chapter II.—General Salvation
Chapter III.—General Salvation
Chapter IV.—General Salvation
Chapter V.—Individual Salvation
Chapter VI.—Principles and Ordinances
Chapter VII.—Faith
Chapter VIII.—Faith.—The Bible
Chapter IX.—Faith.—The Old Testament
Chapter X.—Faith.—The New Testament
Chapter XI.—Faith.—The New Testament
Chapter XII.—Faith.—The New Testament
Chapter XIII.—Faith.—Tradition
Chapter XIV.—Faith.—Revelation
Chapter XV.—Faith.—The Character of God
Chapter XVI.—Faith.—Course of Life