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قراءة كتاب History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Volume 2

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History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Volume 2

History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Volume 2

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History of Joseph Smith, the Prophet.

By Himself.

Volume II.

An Introduction and Notes


B. H. Roberts.

Published by the Church.

Deseret News. Salt Lake City, Utah. 1904.

Table of Contents.

Volume II.

Summary Review of Volume One.
The Expedition of Zion's Camp.
First Educational Movement of the Church.
Organization of the Foreign Ministry.
Restoration of the Keys for the Gathering of Israel.
The Spirit of Gathering on the Jews.
Elijah's Mission.
Calamitous Events.

Chapter I.

The Year Eighteen Hundred and Thirty-Four—Affairs in Zion and Kirtland.

Condition of the Saints in Missouri.
Excommunication of Wesley Hurlburt.
Mob Threats at Kirtland.
A Prayer.
Efforts of Sectarian Priests Against Restoration of Exiles.
The Elders of the Church in Kirtland, to their Brethren Abroad.
Prayer of the First Presidency.
Preparations for Returning Exiles to Zion.
Conference of High Priests and Elders at New Portage.
Order in Ancient Councils.
Responsibility of Those who Sit in Judgment.
The Prophet's Predicted Triumph.
Trial of Martin Harris.
Trial of Leonard Rich.

Chapter II.

Organization of the High Council—First Cases Before the Council.

Minutes of the Organization of the High Council of the Church.
Supplementary Proceedings in the Organization of the High Council.
First case before the High Council.
Letter from Ezra Thayer to the President of the High Council.
Minutes of the High Council.

Chapter III.

The Cause and Object of the Jackson County Persecution—The Prophet's Mission Through Western New York.

Arrival of Delegation from the Church in Missouri.
Minutes of Council Meeting.
The Prophet Seeks Volunteer to Redeem Zion.
Cheering Words.
Letter from John. F. Boynton from Saco, Maine.
Incidents in the Prophet's Journey Through Western New York.
The Conference at Avon, Livingston County, New York.

Chapter IV.

Trial and Conviction of Hurlburt—Efforts in Behalf of the Redemption of Zion—Dissolution of the United Order of Zion and Kirtland.

The Whipping of Ira J. Willis.
The Trial of "Doctor" Hurlburt for Threatening the Prophet's life.
Minutes of Council.
Special Prayer.
Letter from Presidency to Orson Hyde.
Judgment Against Hurlburt.
Dissolution of the United Order in Kirtland.
Deliverance of Zion Considered.
An Assault Thwarted by the Spirit.
An Occasion of Prayer and Blessing.
Minutes of Conference.
Return of Prophet and Party to Kirtland.
Revelation to Joseph Smith, Jun., Concerning the Order of the Church for the Benefit of the Poor.

Chapter V.

Zion's Camp—Its Journey From Kirtland to Missouri.

Aid for the Redemption of Zion.
Gathering of Zion's Camp at New Portage.
Letter from W. W. Phelps from Liberty.
Minutes of Conference of the Elders.
Departure of the Prophet from Kirtland for Missouri.
Organization of Zion's Camp.
The March of Zion's Camp.
Incidents in Zion's Camp.
Delegation from Dayton.
The Camp Enters Indiana.
Difficulties Within the Camp.
Spies from the West in the Camp.
Indianapolis Incident.
A Jackson County Spy in Camp.
Precept vs. Example—A Lesson.
A Call to Arms.
Angels Attend the Camp.
Camp Diversions.
Proposition to Divide Jackson County between Saints and the Mob.
Letter from Brethren in Clay County to Daniel Dunklin.
Passage of Camp through Springfield, Illinois.
Arrival at Jacksonville, Illinois.
A Puzzling Religious Service.
The Finding of Zelph.
A Prophecy.
Proposition of Col. Ross.
Report of Luke S. Johnson.
A False Alarm.

Chapter VI.

Zion's Camp in Missouri—Letters of Governor Dunklin and Others.

Letter from Elders in Clay County to Governor Dunklin.
Copy of Letter from Daniel Dunklin to Col. J. Thornton.
Arrival of Camp at Salt River.
Arrival of Hyrum Smith and Lyman Wight.
Messengers Sent to Governor Dunklin.
Letter from Daniel Dunklin to W. W. Phelps et. al.
Letter from John F. Ryland to A. S. Gilbert.
Departure of Camp from Salt River.
Reproof of Williams and Orton Enemies Eluded.
Letter from Elders to Judge Ryland.
Letter from the Elders to Messrs. Doniphan and Atchison.

Chapter VII.

Zion's Camp in Missouri—Efforts at Arbitration—The Word of the Lord.

Gov. Dunklin Refuses to Reinstate Saints on their Lands.
Arrival of Bishop Partridge in Camp.
The Camp Crosses Grand River.
Martin Harris Trifles with a Promise of God.
Important Meeting at Liberty Court House.
Proposition of the People of Jackson County to the Mormons.
Stirring Incidents at the Liberty Meeting.
Answer of the Mormons to the Proposition of the People of Jackson County.
Reflections on the Jackson County Proposition.
A Mobber's Threat and God's Vengeance.
Incidents of Insubordination in the Camp.
The Prophet's Illness.
The Prophet's Anxiety for the Safety of the Camp.
Threats of the Mob.
A Timely Storm.
Care of Arms During the Storm.
The Visit of Col. Sconce to the Camp.
Cholera Breaks Out in the Camp.
Letter from Brethren in Clay County to Committee of the Jackson Mob.
Visit of Clay County Sheriff to the Camp.
Revelation given on Fishing River, Missouri, June 22, 1834.

Chapter VIII.

Zion's Camp Disbanded—An Appeal.

Reply of Brethren to Committee of the Jackson Mob.
Cholera in the Camp.
Zion's Camp Disbanded.
Letter from the Prophet to Messrs. Thornton, Doniphan and Atchison.
Fear of the Cholera.
First Victims of the Cholera.
Letter from the Elders to Governor Dunklin.
Death of Algernon Sidney Gilbert.
Letter from Chairman of Jackson Mob Committee to Amos Reese.
List of the Victims of Cholera.
The Prophet in the Goodly Land.