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قراءة كتاب Birth of a Reformation The Life and Labors of Daniel S. Warner

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Birth of a Reformation
The Life and Labors of Daniel S. Warner

Birth of a Reformation The Life and Labors of Daniel S. Warner

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The cover image was created by the transcriber and is placed in the public domain.

For consistency, all bible references have been made to have no spaces in the numbers, for example 'Thess. 2:3,4' or 'Rev. 17:4-6'.

Obvious typographical errors and punctuation errors have been corrected after careful comparison with other occurrences within the text and consultation of external sources.

More detail can be found at the end of the book.

Dr. Warner

Birth of a Reformation


The Life and Labors of
Daniel S. Warner

By A. L. Byers


"It shall come to pass, that at evening time
it shall be light."

P. O. Box 713
Guthrie, Oklahoma 73044

To the

Publisher's Preface

Year 1966

This volume, a reprint of the book originally published in 1921 and out of print for many years, is in response to a long felt need that this biography of D. S. Warner, along with a brief mention of a few of his associate ministers and gospel workers, should be available to the readers of the present generation and those to follow, should the Lord extend time.

The original book is herewith reproduced without alteration or change, except a very few minor omissions, and accounts of events and conditions existing after the period of Bro. Warner's life.

The reader should bear in mind that Bro. Warner's coming out of sectism was a gradual process over a period of time leading to the climactic step, and any improper or questionable action on his part while involved in sects was merely a result of his lack of clear light and understanding of God's Word. After the light broke through, he himself renounced these practices.

In 1878 D. S. Warner wrote: "The Lord ... gave me a new commission to join holiness and all truth together and build up the apostolic church of the living God."

Bro. Warner and his associates, discerning the impossibility of the true church existing within the framework of denominationalism, declared their freedom from the "sin of sectism and division" and instituted the "evening light" restoration movement in the latter part of the nineteenth century in direct fulfillment of Bible prophecy. See Zech. 14:7. These vital Bible truths, especially on the line of holiness and the nature of the church, which those reformers proclaimed, are imperative today in preserving the church after the apostolic pattern.

Many reformations have come to the religious world since the decline of the apostolic church from its pristine glory of the first century. Yet the nineteenth century reform is more complete, radical and fundamental than any previous movement. A historian has penned this significant observation: "No sooner had D. S. Warner and others begun to preach as men had not preached for time out of mind than men saw in their message the grandest truths the mind of man is capable of receiving. They saw the church built up by