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قراءة كتاب Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow
One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Introductory.—Letter from Lorenzo's son-in-law on the Sandwich Islands.—The weather.—Cane crop.—Five hundred and forty-nine baptisms.—King David Kalakauna is coming to visit the Saints.—Great preparations for his reception.—Houses decorated.—Inscriptions.—Breakfast is waiting.—The steamer comes.—The King is escorted between two files of men, women and children.—Cheers.—Introductions.—Breakfast, then to the meeting house.—Reception.—Singing choirs.—Dedication prayer by President Partridge.—The King speaks approvingly of the Saints.—Meeting adjourned.—A "big feast" prepared by the natives.—What composed of.—How the King was seated.—How he ate.—How they all, numbering one thousand, ate.—The King escorted to the steamer.—A national custom.—Splendid conference.—Number of the Saints.


Expression of appreciation creditable.—Lorenzo speaks of his wives.—Their nobility.—How he made choice of them.—His earthly prospects.—How they accepted the position.—The Editor explains.—They prove superior to circumstances of trial and hardships.—Are comfortably situated.—Step forth as mothers in Israel.—Their positions.—Questions to the defamers of Latter-day Saint women.—Lorenzo's independence of character.—Where credit is due.—Wife-missions.—Success attributed to God.—Testimonials of love and respect.


Start for Fort Hall Agency.—Meeting in Portage.—In Malad.—Reach the Reservation.—Meet Indians.—Pitched tent.—With two Bishops Lorenzo visits the agent.—Describes Mr. Cook.—Lorenzo asks the privilege of preaching to the Indians.—Prevarication.—An incident.—A discussion.—Mr. Cook says nothing so much needed as a farmer.—Brother Snow proposes to furnish one.—Mr. Cook will not accept.—Grows uneasy and will not have preaching.—A grave responsibility.—Mr. Cook shoulders it.—The school teacher enters and "brothers" Mr. Cook.—The brethren start for camp.—Meet Indians.—Visit school.—Little Chief, wife and daughter.


In Bannock Valley.—Happy meeting with Indians.—What Lorenzo said to them.—Lamanite Elders speak.—All shake hands.—Lorenzo describes the Agency.—What the Secretary of the Interior says.—A comparison between the two colonies.—The one at Washakie.—How located.—Sunday School.—Meeting exercises.—How Lamanites are taught.—How presided over.—Their Co-operative Store and Sheep Herd.—White families.—A re-action.—An Adage.—The United States Supreme Court decides.—Telegrams to Hon. L. Snow.


Circular to the heads of families.—Names of Committees.—Exercises for Wednesday, a. m.—Wednesday, p. m.—Thursday, p. m.—Friday, p. m.—Prompt attendance.—Letter from H. A. Hendrickson.—Extracts from eastern communications.—Weather propitious.—Children amused.—The hall.—How occupied.—Invited guests.—Table scenes.—Bachelor group.—The Re-union indescribable.—Article from Deseret News, by C. W. Penrose.


Our father's birthday.—Prose address by F. H. Snow.—Poem by M. D. Rosenbaum.—Prose address by G. F. Gibbs.—Poem by O. W. Snow.—Prose address by A. H. Snow.—Poem by E. R. S. Smith.—Closing address by Lorenzo Snow.


Births and deaths of our parents.—Their children.—Genealogies of Lorenzo's wives, children, grandchildren, sons-in-law and daughters-in-law.—Mary Adaline's children by her first husband.


National Monument.—Its construction.—One hundred and eighty marble statues.—Lofty spire set with thousands of gems.—Embossed globe.—Statue of Prince Albert.—Tower of London.—Queen Elizabeth's Armory.—Torture rooms.—Ann Boleyn.—Earl of Essex.—Lady Jane Grey.—Executioner's axe.—Instruments of torture.


At Haarlem.—Two thousand people executed.—Wonderful organ.—A Dutch wedding.—Amsterdam.—A city on piles.—Formidable army of worms.—One hundred islands and two hundred and eighty bridges.—Palace on piles.—Diamond cutting.—Charitable institutions.—Antwerp.—Notre Dame.—Masterpiece of Rubens.—Royal Palace.—Brussels.—St. Nicholas.—Singular marriage.—Royal Theatre.—National Palace.


Paris.—Visit to Versailles.—Bois de Boulogne.—St. Cloud.—Attend the National Assembly.—French glory.—Interview with the President of the French Republic.—Paris Register speaks of the Party.


From Paris to Lyons.—Burgundy and its wines.—Famous towns.—Lyons and its silk industries.—Weaving portraits.—Ampitheatre eighteen hundred years old.—Olive plantations and vineyards.—At Venice.—Genoa.—Statue of Columbus.—The cathedral of St. Lorenzo.—Chain that bound John the Baptist.—Turin.—Milan.—Cathedral of our blessed Lady, the grandest religious edifice in the world.—Attend high mass.—Arrive in Venice, the City of Waters.


Rome and its population.—The seven hills.—Excavations by the Government.—The Forum.—Antony and Julius Caesar.—Where Virginius stabbed his daughter.—Famous obelisks.—Temple of Venus.—The Tarpeian Rock.—St. Peter's.—Call on the American minister.—The Vatican.—Michael Angelo.—Paul III.—Appian Way.—Seneca.—Baths.—Footprints of the Savior.—Naples.—Mount Vesuvius.


Naples.—Beggars.—Pompeii.—Earthquakes.—Herculanaeum.—Museum.—"Secret Cabinet."—Ascent of Vesuvius.—Pliny the Elder.—From Naples to Brindisi.—Hardworking women.—Corfu.—Religious service in a Greek cathedral.—Take steamer for Alexandria.—Egypt.—Turkish mosques.—Copts.—Mohammedan schools.—Male and Female attire.—Dervish worship.—Suez.—Red Sea.