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قراءة كتاب In Freedom's Cause : A Story of Wallace and Bruce

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In Freedom's Cause : A Story of Wallace and Bruce

In Freedom's Cause : A Story of Wallace and Bruce

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In Freedom's Cause

G. A. Henty


I   Glen Cairn
II   Leaving Home
III   Sir William Wallace
IV   The Capture of Lanark
V   A Treacherous Plot
VI   The Barns of Ayr
VII   The Cave in the Pentlands
VIII   The Council at Stirling
IX   The Battle of Stirling Bridge
X   The Battle of Falkirk
XI   Robert The Bruce
XII   The Battle of Methven
XIII   The Castle of Dunstaffnage
XIV   Colonsay
XV   A Mission to Ireland
XVI   An Irish Rising
XVII   The King's Blood Hound
XVIII   The Hound Restored
XIX   The Convent of St. Kenneth
XX   The Heiress of the Kerrs
XXI   The Siege of Aberfilly
XXII   A Prisoner
XXIII   The Escape from Berwick
XXIV   The Progress of the War
XXV   The Capture of a Stronghold
XXVI   Edinburgh
XXVII   Bannockburn



There are few figures in history who have individually exercised so great an influence upon events as William Wallace and Robert Bruce. It was to the extraordinary personal courage, indomitable perseverance, and immense energy of these two men that Scotland owed her freedom from English domination. So surprising were the traditions of these feats performed by these heroes that it was at one time the fashion to treat them as belonging as purely to legend as the feats of St. George or King Arthur. Careful investigation, however, has shown that so far from this being the case, almost every deed reported to have been performed by them is verified by contemporary historians. Sir William Wallace had the especial bad fortune of having come down to us principally by the writings of his bitter enemies, and even modern historians, who should have taken a fairer view of his life, repeated the cry of the old English writers that he was a bloodthirsty