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قراءة كتاب Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon

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Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon

Mother Stories from the Book of Mormon

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told you of in my other storiesLehi and his followers.

How many years, do you think, those people spent in traveling through the country? Eight. That is a long timealmost as long as some of you have lived on the earth.

One day, at the end of the eighth year, they came to a very beautiful and fruitful part of the country. How happy they all felt! On every side there were trees and bushes laden with choice, wild fruit. But that was not all. There was also a large number of natural bee-hives, almost all of them filled with delicious honey.

The entire company stood for a time gazing in silence on the scene before them. Then they began to gather fruit and honey, and when they had collected a good supply, they sat down and began to feast.

"This," said Nephi, "is one of the best meals we have had since we left home eight years ago."

"Isn't this honey delicious?" said Lemuel.

"It is," said his father.

That evening as they all sat in front of their tents, watching the sun go down behind the hills, Lehi said, "This is a very rich part of the country. I have been trying all day to think of a name by which to call it, and I think I have the right name at last."

"And what is the name, father dear?" asked Nephi's wife, a daughter of Ishmael.

"Bountiful," Lehi answered.

"The proper name!" they all shouted in chorus. So the place was given the name Bountiful.

After Lehi and his people had rested for a short time, they began to travel again. Nephi and Samthey were always togetherrode ahead of the company. On reaching the top of a high hill they stopped suddenly. They sat gazing for a few moments at the scene before them. Then they turned and started at a quick pace for the rest of the party.

"What can be the matter?" Lehi asked, as he saw his two sons coming back.

As Nephi and Sam came near the party, Nephi put his hand to his mouth and shouted as loudly as he could, "The great waters! The great waters!" On hearing that, every one in the company became excited, and all hurried forward to get a look at the mighty ocean.

What strange feelings came into the hearts of Lehi and his followers as they looked out upon the sea. How were they to cross such a large body of water?

Just then Laman spoke. "It seems to me," said he, "that it is now time for us to turn and go back home. I have felt from the day we started that we would have to turn back some time. That time has come at last."

"And I have felt from the day we started," said Nephi, in a calm but firm voice, "that we would never go back to our old home again. I know that God is in heaven. I know He led the children of Israel through the Red Sea and I know that He can and will carry us across these mighty waters."

On hearing that, Laman and Lemuel and some of the sons and daughters of Ishmael began to laugh and to make fun of Nephi.

"So you think God is going to come down out of heaven and carry us in His arms across this great ocean," said Lemuel, "and set us down in a wonderful country on the other side."

"No," said Nephi, "I do not think anything of the kind. But I do believe He will tell us how we can cross these waters."

Then Lehi, their father, spoke. "My sons," he said, "do not get angry with each other. Remember you are brothers. Remember, also, Laman, that the Lord can do great things. He made this world in which we live. Surely, then, He can help us to get to the other side of this ocean. Now, let me tell you what I want you and the rest of the company to do: I want you to gather all the fruit and honey you can. We must collect a big supply, for it will be many days before we get to the new country."

"So you think we shall get across these great waters?" said Laman to his father.

"I am sure we will," said Lehi. "Now, let us get to work."

All day long they gathered choice fruit and honey, and when the evening came they sat down and looked with great satisfaction upon the labors of their hands.

Nephi arose early the next morning. He looked pale, and it was easily to be seen that he had some great matter upon his mind. He had slept very little, but had spent the greater part of the night wondering how the company could get across the great waters. He went to the tent in which his parents were sleeping and gently woke his father. "I am going into the mountains, father," he said, "to spend the day in prayer. I feel that I shall have good news for you when I come back."

His father raised himself, and putting his arm around his son's neck, drew him to him. Then he kissed him and said, "May God Bless you, my son, and answers the prayers you offer up to Him this day."

After traveling for a long time, Nephi reached the top of a very high mountain. All was quiet and peaceful around him. He sat down and rested a little while. Then he knelt in prayer. He prayed to God with all his heart to show him how the company could get across the great waters. I believe he prayed three times. Then something very wonderful happened. The Lord showed to Nephi in a vision a picture of a ship. It was not like any other ship he had ever seen.

As Nephi gazed in wonder upon the vessel, the Lord said to him, "Nephi, I want you to build a ship like this one, to carry your company across the great waters."

"But, Lord," said Nephi, "I do not know how to build a ship."

"I know that," said the Lord, "but I will teach you. You will come up into this mountain often and pray to me, and I will show you how to build the ship."

The Lord then told Nephi where he could get one with which to make tools, and after giving him other instructions, He told him to return and tell his people all that he had seen and heard.

At first Laman and Lemuel and the sons of Ishmael would not believe him. They made great fun of him, saying he would never be able to build a ship. But after Nephi had talked very seriously to them, they started to help him. Piece after piece was added to the vessel, and after a long time the ship was finished and ready to be launched.

In my next story I shall tell you what happened soon after the company had set out across the great waters.


The morning after the ship was finished all the company came together to look at it. It was a very fine vessel. Nephi and those who had assisted him were well pleased with their labors. They had built the ship exactly as the Lord had told them, and had done their work well.

Then Lehi turned to his four sons and also to the sons of Ishmael and said, "You have our grateful thanks for the great work which you have done. You have built a splendid vessel, and I am sure it will carry us safely across these great waters to the promised land."

A busy time followed. The men and women worked hard all day carrying meat, fruit and honey down into the ship, and their little sons and daughters helped them.

When night came they were all pretty tired; but they did not seem anxious to go to sleep. That was the last night they would spend on land for a long time. On the morrow they would be out upon the great waters. Finally they retired, one by one, and the moon and stars shown brightly over the sleeping camp.

The company was up and at work early next morning. The women prepared breakfast and the men took down the tents and attended to other duties. Nephi and Sam and some of Ishmael's sons were busily employed at fixing the sails of the ship and getting the vessel ready for her first voyage.

At last the time came for all to go on board. A line was formed. Lehi and his wife, being the oldest, marched at the head. The others followed, according to their ages. A sharp breeze was blowing and the vessel tugged at its chains as if anxious to get away.

When all of the company were safely on board, Nephi loosed the ship, the wind immediately filled its sails, and a moment later it was gliding swiftly through the water on its way to the