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قراءة كتاب Blacky the Crow

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Blacky the Crow

Blacky the Crow

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By Thornton W. Burgess


CHAPTER I.   Blacky The Crow Makes A Discovery

CHAPTER II.   Blacky Makes Sure

CHAPTER III.   Blacky Finds Out Who Owns The Eggs

CHAPTER IV.   The Cunning Of Blacky

CHAPTER V.   Blacky Calls His Friends

CHAPTER VI.   Hooty The Owl Doesn't Stay Still

CHAPTER VII.   Blacky Tries Another Plan

CHAPTER VIII.   Hooty Comes To Mrs. Hooty's Aid

CHAPTER IX.   Blacky Thinks Of Farmer Brown's Boy

CHAPTER X.   Farmer Brown's Boy And Hooty

CHAPTER XI.   Farmer Brown's Boy Is Tempted

CHAPTER XII.   A Tree-Top Battle

CHAPTER XIII.   Blacky Has A Change Of Heart

CHAPTER XIV.   Blacky Makes A Call

CHAPTER XV.   Blacky Does A Little Looking About

CHAPTER XVI.   Blacky Finds Other Signs

CHAPTER XVII.   Blacky Watches A Queer Performance

CHAPTER XVIII.   Blacky Becomes Very Suspicious

CHAPTER XIX.   Blacky Makes More Discoveries

CHAPTER XX.   Blacky Drops A Hint

CHAPTER XXI.   At Last Blacky Is Sure

CHAPTER XXII.   Blacky Goes Home Happy

CHAPTER XXIII.   Blacky Calls Farmer Brown's Boy

CHAPTER XXIV.   Farmer Brown's Boy Does Some Thinking

CHAPTER XXV.   Blacky Gets A Dreadful Shock

CHAPTER XXVI.   Why The Hunter Got No Ducks

CHAPTER XXVII.   The Hunter Gives Up

CHAPTER XXVIII.      Blacky Has A Talk With Dusky The Black Duck

CHAPTER XXIX.   Blacky Discovers An Egg

CHAPTER XXX.   Blacky Screws Up His Courage

CHAPTER XXXI.   An Egg That Wouldn't Behave

CHAPTER XXXII.   What Blacky Did With The Stolen Egg

CHAPTER I: Blacky The Crow Makes A Discovery

Blacky the Crow is always watching for things not intended for his sharp eyes. The result is that he gets into no end of trouble which he could avoid. In this respect he is just like his cousin, Sammy Jay. Between them they see a great deal with which they have no business and which it would be better for them not to see.

Now Blacky the Crow finds it no easy matter to pick up a living when snow covers the Green Meadows and the Green Forest, and ice binds the Big River and the Smiling Pool. He has to use his sharp eyes for all they are worth in order to find enough to fill his stomach, and he will eat anything in the way of food that he can swallow. Often he travels long distances looking for food, but at night he always comes back to the same place in the Green Forest, to sleep in company with others of his family.

Blacky dearly loves company, particularly at night, and about the time jolly, round, red Mr. Sun is beginning to think about his bed behind the Purple Hills, you will find Blacky heading for a certain part of the Green Forest where he knows he will have neighbors of his own kind.