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قراءة كتاب Diseases of the Horse's Foot

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Diseases of the Horse's Foot

Diseases of the Horse's Foot

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with the Sensitive Structures removed
23. Section of Epidermis
24. Section of Skin with Hair Follicle and Hair
25. Section of Human Nail and Nail-bed
26. Section of Foot of Equine Foetus. (Mettam)
27. Section from Foot of Sheep Embryo. (Mettam)
28. Section from Foot of Calf Embryo. (Mettam)
29. Section from Foot of Equine Foetus. (Mettam)
30. Section through Hoof and Soft Tissues of a Foal at Term. (Mettam)
31. Perpendicular Section of Horn of Wall
32. Horizontal Section of Horn of Wall
33. Horizontal Section through the Junction of the Wall with the Sole
34. Section of Frog. (Mettam)
35. Professor Lungwitz's Apparatus for Examining the Foot Movements
36. Professor Lungwitz's Apparatus for Examining the Foot Movements
37. The Movements of the Solar and Coronary Edges of the Hoof illustrated. (Lungwitz)
38. The Blind
39. The Side-line
40. Method of securing the Hind-foot with the Side-line
41. The Hind-foot secured with the Side-line
42. The Casting Hobbles
43. Method of securing the Hind-leg upon the Fore
44. The Hind-leg secured upon the Fore
45. The Drawing-knife (Ordinary Pattern)
46. Modern Forms of Drawing-knives
47. Symes's Knife
48-51. Illustrating Colonel Nunn's Method of applying a Poultice to the Foot
52. Poultice-boot of Canvas and Steel
53. Poultice-boot of Cocoa-fibre
54. Foot-swab
55. The Shoe with Plates
56. Quittor Syringe
57. The Esmarch Bandage and Tourniquet
58. Tourniquet with Wooden Block
59. Neurectomy Bistoury
60. Neurectomy Needle
61. Double Neurectomy Tenaculum
62. Adventitious Nerve-supply to Foot. (Sessions)
63. Tip Shoe
64. The Tip Shoe 'let in' to the Foot
65. The Thinned Tip
66. Drawing-knife for Charlier Shoeing
67. The Foot prepared for the Charlier Shoe
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