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قراءة كتاب The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1

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‏اللغة: English
The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1

The Bay State Monthly, Volume 3, No. 1

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(3 Illustrations)

Francis H. Lincoln 258 Historical Record 303, 386, 465 Hollis Street Church 47 Home of Whittier, Amesbury The (3 Illustrations) Frances C. Sparhawk 418 House of Ticknor, The (4 Illustrations) Barry Lyndon 266 Insurance, Assessment G.A. Litchfield 317 Insurance, Assessment Life Sheppard Homans 411 Jackson, Helen Hunt 256 Kate Field's New Departure (1 Illustration) Edward Increase Mather 429 Lake Erie, The Hero of (1 Illustration) Hon. William P. Sheffield 321 Lincoln, Abraham George Lowell Austin 165 Long, John D., A Brief Biography 221 Marblehead in 1861, The Response of Samuel Roads Jr. 378 March of the 6th Regiment, The Rev. Charles Babbidge 374 Marsh, Sylvester, Sketch of the life of Chas. Carleton Coffin 65 Massachusetts, The Present Resources of H.K.M. 439 Massachusetts, Divorce Legislation Chester F. Sanger 27 Massachusetts Hills, Rambles Among Atherton P. Mason M.D. 101 Memoranda for the Month 220 Model Industrial City, A (11 Illustrations) Fanny M. Johnson 328 Mormon Church, The Victoria Reed 348 Nantasket Beach Edward P. Guild 179 Nantucket, Ten days in (2 Illustrations) Elizabeth Porter Gould 190 National Banks—Surplus Funds and Net Profits George H. Wood 14 Nurse, Rebecca, Homestead of Elizabeth Porter Gould 436 O'Brien Hugh Col. Chas. H. Taylor 253 Old Dorchester, Historical Charles M. Barrows 39 Paine, Hon. Henry W. Prof. William Mathews, LL.D. 391 Past and Future of Silver, The David M. Balfour 97 Patriot, Samuel Adams, The (4 Illustrations) Edward P. Guild 401 Pickett's Charge, Portrait and diagram Charles A. Patch 397 Precious Metals, The David M. Balfour 415 Publisher's Department 64, 308, 390, 472 Phillips, John, with Portrait 249 Rambles Among Massachusetts Hills Atherton P. Mason M.D. 101 Resources of Massachusetts, The Present H.K.M. 439 Response of Marblehead in 1861, The Samuel Roads, Jr. 378 Silver, Past and Future of David M. Balfour 97 Sixth Regiment, The March of The Rev. Charles Babbidge 374 Ten Days In Nantucket (2 Illustrations) Elizabeth Porter Gould 190 Thompson, Denman, Sketch of the Life of 12 Ticknor, The House of (4 Illustrations) Barry Lyndon 266 Tommy Taft, A Story of Boston Town A.L.G. 244 Two Days with The A.M.C. Helen M. Winslow 367 Two Reform Mayors of Boston 249 Webster, Col. Fletcher, A reminiscence of 38 Webster, Daniel, The Last Portrait of 340 Wedding in Ye Days Lang Syne Rev. Anson Titus 36 White and Franconia Mountains, The (24 Illustrations) Fred Myron Colby 76 Witch, The first New England Willard H. Morse M.D. 270 Worcester, The City of (18 Illustrations) Fanny Bullock Workman 147


By The Sea Teresa Herrick 377
Equinoctial Sidney Maxwell 383
Growing Old 299
In Ember Days Adelaide G. Waldron 277
Memory's Pictures Charles Carleton Coffin (1846) 124
The Muse of History Elizabeth Porter Gould 248
Room At The Top 366
The Old State House Sidney Maxwell 414
Idleness Sidney Harrison 183
A Birthday Sonnet George W. Bungay 201


Charles Carleton Coffin Facing 1
John B. Clarke 9
Sylvester Marsh 65
John Albion Andrew 141
John D. Long