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قراءة كتاب Kodaks and Kodak Supplies, 1914

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Kodaks and Kodak Supplies, 1914

Kodaks and Kodak Supplies, 1914

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first quality of Jena glass. This makes a most desirable outfit at a surprisingly low price for an anastigmat equipment.

Then for those who want not only the absolute sharpness and flatness of field, but the maximum of speed as well, we offer the camera fitted with Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat lens, f. 6.9.

The appearance of the Vest Pocket Kodak is so suggestive of quality, that it makes an ideal camera for gift purposes on holidays, birthdays, at graduation time, and such occasions. For these purposes we have devised the Kodak Gift Case shown in the illustration. The Vest Pocket Kodak in this case is fitted with Kodak Anastigmat lens, f. 8. The carrying case is of imported satin finish leather, in a shade of soft brown that is in perfect harmony with the deep blue of the handsome silk-lined container. The whole outfit possesses a quality and richness that will appeal to the most fastidious.

The Vest Pocket Kodak with any equipment is always ready for action. It is only necessary to pull out the front to its full extent, and the camera is in focus for objects at any distance. The shutter is automatic, and a convenient reversible finder, for composing the view in either horizontal or vertical position, is provided.



Another feature is the extreme simplicity in loading—nothing trappy or fussy about it. Indeed, the operation of the camera is simple in every detail, nothing in the way of simplicity or efficiency having been sacrificed in order to reduce the size.

In Detail

For rectangular pictures, 1⅝ × 2½ inches. Capacity, 8 exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 1 × 2⅜ × 4¾ inches. Weight, 9 ounces. Lens, regular, meniscus achromatic, 3-inch focus. Special, Zeiss Kodak Anastigmat f. 6.9, or Kodak Anastigmat f. 8. Shutter, Kodak Ball Bearing No. 0. Brilliant reversible finder. All metal body, black enamel finish and black leather bellows.

The Price

Vest Pocket Kodak, meniscus achromatic lens and Kodak Ball Bearing shutter   $7.00
Vest Pocket Kodak with Kodak Anastigmat lens f. 8 and Kodak Ball Bearing shutter   13.50
Kodak Gift Case, includes Vest Pocket Kodak with Kodak Anastigmat lens f. 8, imported satin finish leather case and silk-lined container   16.50
Vest Kodak, Special, Zeiss Kodak anastigmat lens, and Kodak Ball Bearing shutter   22.50
Leather Case for Vest Pocket Kodak   .75
Grain Leather Case for Vest Pocket Kodak Special   1.50
Imported Satin Finish Leather Case   3.00
Hand Bag for Vest Pocket Kodak   .25
De Luxe bag, suede calfskin, long straps   1.75
N. C. Film Cartridge, 8 exposures, 1⅝ × 2½ (No. 127)   .20
Kodak Portrait Attachment   .50


No. 1 Kodak Junior

So complete and varied has the Kodak line become, so altogether simple is the operation of each camera, that each year it looks well nigh impossible to strengthen the line or broaden the selection for the amateur.

However, the Kodak policy of never letting well enough alone has developed two most attractive new models this year, which round off the whole line, being built upon the idea of providing genuine daylight-all-the-way Kodaks, with all the Kodak convenience and dependability, for those who wish to take up photography at the minimum of expense.

The first of these models, the No. 1 Kodak Junior, makes 2¼ × 3¼ pictures and loads with the Kodak Film cartridge of six exposures (No. 120). And for loading and unloading, the back of the camera is constructed upon a new principle which makes it unusually easy to remove.

A striking feature of this camera is its extreme thinness and all-around compactness. It will readily slip into the pocket, and yet it is fully equipped for efficient work in all branches of general amateur photography. It is fitted with the No. 0 Ball Bearing shutter, speed 1/50 of a second, with cable release, as described on page 6, and offers the choice of rapid rectilinear or meniscus achromatic lens. All lenses fitted to this camera must stand the usual rigid Kodak tests.

The No. 1 Kodak Junior is provided with automatic focusing lock, collapsible reversible finder, two tripod sockets—in fact, the practical, convenient working equipment which one expects in a true Kodak.

The camera is well made in every respect, it is covered with a good quality of grain leather, and the metal parts are finished in nickel and black enamel.

The low price means no stinting in either material or workmanship. It is only possible through the perfection of our scientific factory organization and the large quantities which our large distribution enables us to make at one time.

In Detail

For rectangular pictures. 2¼ × 3¼ inches. Capacity, 6 exposures without reloading. Size of Kodak, 1716 × 3⅝ × 6⅝ inches. Weight, 23 ounces. Lens, meniscus achromatic, 4¼-inch focus. Also supplied with rapid rectilinear lens if desired. Shutter, Kodak Ball Hearing No. 0, with cable release. (See page 6.) Brilliant, reversible, collapsible finder. The film cartridge for this camera is the same as the one used for No. 2 Brownie and not for No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak.

The Price

No. 1 Junior, Kodak with meniscus achromatic lens and Kodak Ball Bearing shutter   $7.50
Ditto, with R. R. lens   9.00
Black Sole Leather Case, with strap   1.50
Kodak Autotime Scale (Style 1, for use with the camera when fitted with R. R. lens only)   1.00
N. C. Film Cartridge, 6 exposures (No. 120)   .20
Kodak Portrait Attachment   .50


No. 1A Kodak Junior

In this new model is offered the advantages of low cost, with Kodak efficiency, which we have seen in the No. 1 Kodak Junior, in a camera made upon the same principle for 2½ × 4¼ pictures.