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قراءة كتاب Domestic French Cookery, 4th ed.

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

‏اللغة: English
Domestic French Cookery, 4th ed.

Domestic French Cookery, 4th ed.

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Baked Tongue   36
Potted Tongue   ib.
Leg of Mutton with Oysters   37
Cutlets à la Maintenon   ib.
Pork Cutlets   ib.
Larded Rabbit   38
Rabbits in Papers   ib.
Pilau   ib.
Veal Sweetbreads   39


A Salmi   43
Cold Salmi   ib.
Ragooed Livers   44
A fine Hash   ib.
Marinade of Fowls   ib.
Fricassee of Fowls   45
Fowls with Tarragon   ib.
A stewed Fowl   46
Chickens in Jelly   ib.
Pulled Chickens   47
Stewed Turkey, or Turkey en Daube   48
Roasted Turkey   ib.
Potted Goose   49
Ducks with Turnips   50
A Duck with Olives   ib.
A Duck with Peas   ib.
Turkey Puddings   51
Baked Pigeons, or Pigeons à la Crapaudine   ib.
Broiled Pigeons   52
Pigeons Pear-fashion (Pigeons au poire)   ib.
Pigeons with Peas   ib.
Roasted Partridges   53
Partridges with Cabbage