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قراءة كتاب The Story of Florence

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The Story of Florence

The Story of Florence

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  • The Palazzo Vecchio147
  • Looking through Vasari's Loggia, Uffizi161
  • "Venus" (Sandro Botticelli)[1]178
  • Orcagna's Tabernacle, Or San Michele185

    • Window of Or San Michele191
    • Tower of the Arte della Lana201
    • House of Dante207
    • Arms of the Sesto di San Piero213
    • Bargello Courtyard and Staircase217
    • Santa Croce233
    • Old Houses on the Arno245
    • The Baptistery251
    • The Bigallo264
    • Porta della Mandorla, Duomo267
    • Statue of Boniface VIII270
    • Arms of the Medici from the Badia at Fiesole283
    • Tomb of Giovanni and Piero dei Medici[1]288
    • The Well of S. Marco299
    • The Cloister of the Innocenti331
    • A Florentine Suburb337
    • The Ponte Vecchio343
    • The Tower of S. Zanobi347
    • Arms of the Strozzi353
    • In the Green Cloisters, S. Maria Novella357
    • In the Boboli Gardens374
    • The Fortifications of Michelangelo399
    • Porta San Giorgio403
    • Map of Florencefacing  422

    The Story of Florence


    The People and Commune of Florence

    "La bellissima e famosissima figlia di Roma, Fiorenza."

    BEFORE the imagination of a thirteenth century poet, one of the sweetest singers of the dolce stil novo, there rose a phantasy of a transfigured city, transformed into a capital of Fairyland, with his lady and himself as fairy queen and king:

    "Amor, eo chero mea donna in domino,
    l'Arno balsamo fino,
    le mura di Fiorenza inargentate,
    le rughe di cristallo lastricate,