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قراءة كتاب The International Monthly, Vol. II, No. I December 1, 1850

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‏اللغة: English
The International Monthly, Vol. II, No. I
December 1, 1850

The International Monthly, Vol. II, No. I December 1, 1850

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in the Wood, The,

129 French Generals of To-Day, 334 Gateway of the Oceans, 124 Ghetto of Rome, 393 Gleanings from the Journals, 285 Grief of the Weeping Willow, 31 Haddock, Charles B., Charge d'Affaires to Portugal. (With a Portrait on steel.) 1 Hecker, Herr, described by Madame Blaze de Bury, 30 Historical Review.—The United States, 560.—Europe, 564.—Mexico, 565.—British America, 566.—The West Indies, 566.—Central America, the Isthmus, 566.—South America, 567.—Africa, 567. Hunt, Leigh, upon G.P.R. James, 30 Ireland in the Last Age: Curran, 519 Journals of Louis Philippe, 377 Kellogg's, Mr., Exploration of Mt. Sinai, 462 Kimball, Richard B., the Author of "St. Leger." (Illustrated.) 156 Layard's Recent Gifts from Nimroud. (Illustrated.) 4 Layard, Austen Henry, LL.D. (With a Portrait,) 433 Lafayette, Talleyrand, Metternich, and Napoleon.—Sketched by Lord Holland, 465 Last Case of the Supernatural, 481 Lectures, Popular, 319 Life at a Watering Place.—By C. Astor Bristed, 240 Lionne at a Watering Place, The, 533 Lost Letter, The, 522 Mazzini on Italy, 265 Mackay, Charles, Last Poems by, 348 Marvel, Andrew. (Illustrated.) 438 Mother's Last Song, The.—By Barry Cornwall, 270 Music and the Drama.—The Astor Place Opera, Parodi, 29.—Mrs. Oake Smith's New Tragedy, 30. Mystic Vial, The, Part i. 61 Mystic Vial, The, Part ii. 249 Mystic Vial, The, Part iii. 378 My Novel, Or Varieties in English Life.—By Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Book II. Chapters i. to vi. 109 Book II. Chapters vii. to xii. 273 Book III. Chapters i. to xii. 273 Book III. Chapters xiii. to xxvii. 273 Murder Market, The, 126 New Tales by Miss Martineau—The Old Governess, 163 Novelist's Appeal for the Canadas, A, 443 Old Times in New-York, 320 Osgood, The late Mrs.—By Rufus W. Griswold, 131 Paris Fashions for December. (Illustrated.) 144 Paris Fashions for January. (Illustrated.) 286 Paris Fashions for February. (Illustrated.) 431 Paris Fashions for March. (Illustrated.) 567 Peace Society, The First, 321 Penn, (William,) and Macaulay, 336 Pleasant Story of a Swallow, 123 Poet's Lot, The.—By the author of "Festus," 45 Power's, Hiram, Greek Slave.—By Elizabeth Barret Browning, 88 Poems by S.G. Goodrich, A Biographical Review. (Illustrated.) 153 Public Libraries, Ancient and Modern, 359 Recent Deaths in the Family of Orleans, 122 Reminiscences of Paganini, 167 Responsibility of Statesmen,