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قراءة كتاب Punch, or the London Charivari Volume 107, December 1, 1894

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

‏اللغة: English
Punch, or the London Charivari
Volume 107, December 1, 1894

Punch, or the London Charivari Volume 107, December 1, 1894

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Re-arranged (for Lion and Bear) after Dibden.

["Several Russian newspapers publish articles ... declaring that an Anglo-Russian understanding would be of enormous advantage to the respective interests of the two nations, besides promoting European peace."—Times.]


Russian Bear (with effusion). Now this is really delightful!

British Lion (cordially). Most charming, I'm sure!

R. Bear. What I've longed for for ages!

B. Lion. What I've wished for centuries!

R. Bear. Strange how long we have been separated by pure prejudice!

B. Lion. Though our respective dens are so conveniently situated for mutual calls, and genial interchange of love and liquor!

R. Bear. Why, I like you immensely, now I see you near.

B. Lion. And I'm enormously taken with you, at close quarters.

R. Bear. You have little of the Lion but its magnanimous courage.

B. Lion. And you have nothing of the Bear but its skin.

R. Bear. The kind things you have been saying about me lately have quite touched me.

B. Lion. Don't mention it. You deserved 'em all. Delighted to render any little civilities to a near neighbour, especially in time of trouble.

R. Bear (much moved). A thousand thanks! Leo! Let me embrace you. No longer afraid of my hug, are you?

B. Lion. Not a bit of it! Oh! this is something like a "Russian Advance!!!"

R. Bear. And this is indeed a right "British Greeting!!!"

B. Lion (aside). Wonder what the Gallic Chanticleer thinks of this!

R. Bear (aside). Fancy the Teutonic Eagle eyes us a leetle jealously.

B. Lion (aloud). Well, let us meet often, Bruin, and talk things over amicably.

R. Bear (aloud). We will, Leo, we will. Ah! what a pity we didn't know each other before!

B. Lion. Yes, indeed. However, All's well that ends well!

R. Bear. "All's Well!" Ah! Cue for song! Let us warble!

They sing: