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قراءة كتاب A Parody Anthology

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

‏اللغة: English
A Parody Anthology

A Parody Anthology

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دار النشر: Project Gutenberg
الصفحة رقم: 8

align="right">  286

De Tea Fabula A. T. Quiller-Couch   289
After Austin Dobson The Prodigals Anonymous   292
After Andrew Lang Bo-Peep Anthony C. Deane   294
After W. E. Henley Imitation Anthony C. Deane   296
After R. L. Stevenson Bed During Exams Clara Warren Vail   298
After Oscar Wilde More Impressions Oscuro Wildgoose   299 Nursery Rhymes à la Mode Anonymous   299 A Maudle-In Ballad Punch   300 Quite the Cheese H. C. Waring   302
After William Watson The Three Mice Anthony C. Deane   304
After Kipling Fuzzy Wuzzy Leaves Us E. P. C.   305 A Ballad Guy Wetmore Carryl   307 Jack and Jill Anthony C. Deane   309 The Legend of Realism Hilda Johnson   313
After Stephen Phillips Little Jack Horner Anthony C. Deane   315
After Fiona McLeod The Cult of the Celtic Anthony C. Deane   317
After Various Writers of Vers de Société Behold the Deeds H. C. Bunner   319 Culture in the Slums W. E. Henley   322 A Ballade of Ballade-Mongers Augustus Moore   322
After Various Popular Songs Beautiful Snow Anonymous   324 The Newest Thing in Christmas Carols Anonymous   325 The Tale of Lord Lovell Anonymous   326 “Songs Without Words" Robert J. Burdette   public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@46700@[email protected]#Page_327" class="pginternal"