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قراءة كتاب Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow
One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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tag="{}a">CHAPTER XXXIV.

How Lorenzo spent the interval.—His next mission.—Difficulties to be overcome.—Lays out a city.—Description of the premises.—Builds a house.—President Young visits him.—Introduces a precedent.—Description of it.—Succeeded by railroads.—Gift of the Gospel.—The Patriarch's promise.—A sick man.—Faith in Lorenzo's administration.—A handkerchief is sent.—He blesses and dedicates it.—Is taken to the patient.—Placed upon him.—He recovers.—A letter.—In memoriam.—To Elder Porter Squires.—Expressions of gratitude.—Good wishes and blessings.


Necessity of recreation.—Lorenzo anticipates the need of the people.—Provides a miniature theatre.—How it was managed.—Moves to a new building.—A windstorm.—House blown down.—Everything destroyed.—Discouragement.—President J. Young speaks prophetically.—His prophecy fulfilled.—The Dramatic Association organized.—Lorenzo presides over it.—Bishop McQuarrie speaks.—Relates an incident.—The Social Hall erected.—Its uses.—Concerning circulating medium.—Checks as good as gold.—Within reach of all.—Assessment.


Mission to the Sandwich Islands.—Elders called home.—Walter M. Gibson.—Goes to the Sandwich Islands.—His perfidy.—Lorenzo, with other Elders, sent to investigate.—Take Stage.—Arrive at a mining town.—Incident.—New driver.—Favorable impressions.—Sings melodiously.—Swears blasphemously.—Drives furiously.—Perilous predicament.—Other perils.—Arrive at San Francisco.—At Brother Eveleth's.—Take steamer.—Arrive near the landing at Lahaina.—Boat upset.—Lorenzo and the Captain drowned.—Both restored to life.—Rejoicing and thanksgiving.


Mission to the Sandwich Islands concluded.—Journey to Lanai.—Mr. Gibson.—Pagan superstitions.—Adopted by Miss Gibson.—Mr. Gibson reverenced by the natives.—His impudence.—Elder J. F. Smith's reply.—Elder Snow's prophecy.—Gibson cut off from Church.—Prophecy fulfilled.—Sermon on the ship.—An earthquake.—Return home.—Interview with President Young.


Lorenzo's gigantic movement.—In accordance with President Young's suggestion.—A social monument.—To be perpetuated.—Letter to Bishop Lunt.—Mercantile and Manufacturing Association.—Effort requisite.—First, Merchandise.—Second, Tannery.—Third, Woolen Factory.—Fourth, Dairy.—Fifth, a Horn Stock Herd.—Agricultural Department.—Hat Factory.—Between thirty and forty industrial branches.—Furnish employment for all.—Form of checks.—Labor received for capital stock.—Organization of the Association.—Directors.—Council.


All was flourishing.—Attaining to independence.—Factory burned.—Sent a chill to Lorenzo's heart.—Instead of discouragement it was proof of the strength of their compact.—Everywhere manifest, even in the Children.—Union could not be broken.—Impregnability of their Order.—Deseret News speaks.—Commendatory.—Sympathy.—Calamity is proof of the strength of the Co-operative system.—Determination to rebuild.


Dedication day.—Fourth of July.—Gratitude and thanksgiving.—More than two thousand had suffered loss.—In six months the Factory is rebuilt.—Great rejoicing.—Dedicatory prayer.—Address.—Speeches.—Brigham City M. and M. Association.—A raid.—Railroad contract.—How a village sprang up.—An onslaught.—Confusion ensues.—The Grand Jury issues indictments.—Men drove to jail in a herd.—Great excitement.—Superintendent Dunn speaks.—John Merrill in custody.—Handcuffed.—Chained in jail.—Telegrams from the United States President.—How the Judge received them.—More about Merrill.—Left unguarded and unacquitted.—About the mill.—Dishonesty of Jurors.—Financial loss.


To President F. D. Richards.—Burning of the woolen factory.—In thirty minutes all consumed.—Forebodings that the people would be discouraged.—Fears unfounded.—What was done within six months.—The people superior to the loss.—A raid follows the fire.—An unlawful tax follows the raid.—Statement of losses.—Business curtailed.—Checks canceled.—Eleven industrial departments in operation.—The mercantile flourishing.—Confidence preserved.


Remarks by the Editor.—Lorenzo writes to George Q. Cannon.—Makes suggestions concerning the illegal assessment.—Letter two.—What Lawyer Sutherland says.—Letter three.—A description of Scrip.—How used.—Affidavits.—Correspondence.—Joseph F. Smith writes.—Lorenzo responds.


Stake Conference in Brigham City.—President B. Young expected.—Preparations made.—Flags hoisted.—Conference in Bowery.—Box Elder Stake re-organized.—Lorenzo calls the officers of the United Order together.—Nominate officers.—All are accepted.—O. G. Snow to preside.—President Young's fatherly counsel and blessing.


Oliver G. Snow speaks.—His maiden speech.—Performs a good deed.—Called to go to assist the emigration.—Encounter with Indians.—Mission to England.—Visits New York.—Arrives in Liverpool.—Goes to Manchester.—An incident relative to the death of Dickens.—Oliver attends a sectarian lecture.—Is challenged.—Attempts to respond.—Is repulsed.—The priest is disgraced and forsaken.—A visit to Scotland.—Descriptions.—Return to England.—Incomprehensible dialect.—Released.—Home again.—Ordained member of High Council.—Marries.—Mission to the States.—Visits Oberlin.—Ludicrous incident.—Visits his grandmother.—Preaches her funeral sermon.—At home appointed President of Box Elder Stake.


Discourse by Elder Lorenzo Snow, delivered in the Tabernacle, Salt Lake City, January 14, 1872.—Progression.—The Fatherhood of God.—The perfect man.—The gifts of the Spirit.—His testimony.

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