قراءة كتاب Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow
One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter-day Saints

Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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One of the Twelve Apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Written and Compiled by his Sister,

Eliza R. Snow Smith.

"I know him, that he will command his children after him, and they shall keep the word of the Lord, to do justice and judgment."

"If you wish to go where God is, you must be like God—possessing the principles which God possesses."—Joseph Smith.

Salt Lake City, Utah,

Deseret News Company, Printers.



This Biography and Autobiography of my brother, Lorenzo Snow, has been written as a tribute of sisterly affection for him; and as a token of sincere respect to his family.

It is designed to be handed down in lineal descent, from generation to generation—to be preserved as a family Memorial.

In adapting it to this purpose, both in the matter originated, and in that compiled, the writer has varied materially from the usual course of biographers. That it may constitute a historical point to which my brother's posterity, to the latest generations, who shall honor the Gospel of the Son of God, may trace their origin in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and find a record of their illustrious ancestor—his wives, children and grandchildren—a full genealogical record is inserted. That his descendants may profit by his instructions, selections from his letters and discourses are copied into this work; we also have inscribed missionary sketches of some of his sons and sons-in-law. E. R. S. S.



Lorenzo Snow's Birth and Parentage.—Parents settled in Ohio.—Hardships and Privations.—Their Hospitality.—Lorenzo's early Characteristics.—Fondness for Books.—Military Aims.—Change in Pursuits.—Starts for Oberlin College.—Falls in Company with David W. Patten.—Conversation.—In College.—Eliza Embraces the Gospel.—Moves to Kirtland.—How she obtained a House and Lot.—Lorenzo in College.—Investigates.—Is disgusted.—Writes to Eliza.—Her Invitation.—He accepts and comes to Kirtland.—Studies Hebrew.—Is Baptized.—How he receives the Holy Ghost.


A Blessing Meeting.—Lorenzo's Opinion of the Patriarch.—The Patriarch's Marvelous Prediction.—Lorenzo is Puzzled.—Explained to him by Revelation.—Lorenzo in Kirtland.—Fast-day Meetings.—Outpouring of the Spirit.—Gifts Manifested.—Lorenzo's First Speech from the Pulpit.—Description of the Temple.—Fast Meetings.—A Striking Incident.—Effect of the Meetings on Lorenzo's Mind.—Wants to Preach.—Is Ordained an Elder.


My Brother started on Mission.—Without Purse or Scrip.—Hard work to Beg.—Affectionate Aunt.—First Meeting in Medina County, Ohio.—Baptisms.—Preaches in Court House.—Ludicrous Anecdote.—Visits Relatives.—Preaches to Schoolmates.—Baptizes some of them.


A change—Great Apostacy.—Disaffection creeps into every Quorum.—Pride and speculation.—Apostates claim the Temple.—Warren Parrish a ringleader.—A fearful, terrible scene in the Temple.—The scene described.—What occurred the next Day.—Very interesting Court scene.—John Boynton portrayed.—Joseph and Sidney flee for their lives.—Father Smith served with State's Warrant.—How he escaped.—Luke Johnson befriends him.—Luke's death.


Leave Kirtland.—Grand Entertainment.—A noble Woman.—Lorenzo drives one Team.—He is very Sick.—Arrive in Far West, Missouri.—Elder Rigdon's Kindness.—Dr. Avord's Meanness.—His Nurse, Nightwatcher and Doctor.—An Incident.—Arrive in Adam-ondi-Ahman.—Lorenzo takes his Gun and goes out to Hunt.—A new Train of Reflections.—Hunting for Sport.—The old Settlers.—Their Antagonism.—Preparation for Defense.—False Alarm explained.


Wants to go on Mission.—Elder Butterfield wishes to accompany him.—They go.—Arrive in Far West on the second day.—Father Smith blesses Lorenzo.—Blindness of Thomas B. Marsh.—Leave Far West.—Meet a camp of Brethren at the Missouri River.—Construct a craft.—Started in snow storm down the river.—Perilous times.—Narrow escapes.—A savage band.—Make their escape.—Find camping place in peace.—Leave the boat and travel on foot.—Get lodging at the house of a Mobocrat.—Mobocratic narrative.—A Campbellite Preacher's Politeness.—Courtesy of a Methodist Preacher.—A crowded house.—A Donation just in time.—Saved from a Mob by his pocket Bible.—Other Mobocrats foiled.


Leaves Kentucky.—Travels on foot five hundred miles.—Reaches his friends in Ohio.—Through fatigue and exposure, is very sick.—Receives kind attention.—Traveled and preached.—Taught school.—Great effort, and great success.—A thrilling narrative.—Arrives in Nauvoo.—The Father and Family in LaHarpe.


In Di-Ahman.—Our father's purchases.—Friendliness of the "old settlers."—A spirit of hostility prevalent.—Millers would not grind our wheat.—Grating corn for our bread.—How we cooked the grated meal.—A strange move; the old settlers abscond.—Their reports in the surrounding country.—The Military quells the uprising.—A horse mill in operation.—Mobs arouse with increased force.—Government sends Militia.—They are set to guard the Saints, who are ordered to leave the county within ten days.—The halfway house.—Food frozen.—How we ate supper.—Sleepless and jolly.—Arrive in Far West.—Seven miles out.—Move to Illinois.—To Warren County.—To LaHarpe.—To Nauvoo.


Called on mission to England.—Extraordinary communication.—Calls on families of the Twelve.—In Ohio.—Borrows money.—On board a sailing vessel.—In Liverpool.—Writes to his aunt.—Why he is there.—How he came there.—Crossing the ocean.—Terrific storms.—An ocean storm scene.—The calm.—Gratitude.—Arrives in Liverpool.—Manchester.—Birmingham.


Writes from Birmingham.—Church numbers Sixteen.—Conference in London.—Lorenzo appointed to