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MHAWISH - and the lost camel

MHAWISH - and the lost camel

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مكتبتكم متوفرة أيضا للقراءة على حاسوبكم الشخصي في قسم "مكتبتي".
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كتاب " MHAWISH - and the lost camel " ، تأليف : سارة الكيلاني، من اصدار : شركة نعم ، نقرأ من الكتاب :

"Mhawesh" is a series of children's short comic stories, which speak of the life and adventures Mhawesh daily waged with his wife Wadha and their children Yazan and Farah and his four camels. They aim to stimulate the imagination of your kids and allow them to enjoy the fun drawings and learning stories with "Mhawesh".