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Selection of Engineering Materials

Selection of Engineering Materials

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كتاب " Selection of Engineering Materials " تأليف د. اسامة محمود ، و د. قحطان خلف الخزرجي ، والذي صدر عن دار دجلة ناشرون وموزعون .
ومما جاء في مقدمة الكتاب :
Material selection is not a process that stands alone. It is part of the larger process of creating new solutions to problems. It is tempting to call this larger process simply ''engineering design." However, design itself is part of a larger process of bringing new products to market.
A key objective of any design is to define the dimensions of a component and the materials from which it is made so that it can perform a function acceptably. Materials selection ultimately depends upon the performance criteria of the product that usually includes aesthetics and cost effectiveness. Analyzing how a material is expected to perform with respect to requirements such as mechanical, electrical, and chemical requirements can be essential to the selection process. The design engineer translates product requirements into material properties. Characteristics and properties of materials that correlate with performances are referred to as engineering properties.