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قراءة كتاب The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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tag="{}a">98—Battle off Prevesa, 101—Doria’s galleasses, 102—Hesitation of the Christians, 103—Doria’s seamanship and Kheyr-ed-dīn’s audacity, 104.

  X.   Barbarossa in France. 1539-1546 105‑111 Kheyr-ed-dīn retakes Castelnuovo, 105—Is invited by Francis I. to come to Marseilles, 106—Attacks Nice, 109—Winters at Toulon, 109—Ransoms Dragut, 110—Returns to Constantinople, and dies, 111—His tomb at Beshiktash, 111.   XI.   Charles at Algiers. 1541 112‑123 Barbarossa’s successors at Algiers, 112—Charles V. resolves to destroy piracy, 113—The expedition to Algiers, 113—Stormy voyage, 114—The Christian fleet, 114—Landing at Algiers, 117—Effects of the rains, 118—Repulse of the besiegers, 118—Panic in the camp allayed by the Emperor, 119—The Storm, 119—Charles orders a retreat, 120—The remnant of the army sails away, 121—Another tempest, 122—Total failure of the expedition, 123.   XII.   Dragut Reïs. 1543-1560 124‑140 Dragut or Torghūd the Rover, 124—His captivity, 127—His lair at Jerba, 128—The city of “Africa,” 128—Early siege of “Africa” by the Duke of Bourbon, 131—Retreat, 133—“Africa” (Mahdīya) taken by Dragut, 133—Retaken by Doria and Garcia de Toledo, 134—Dragut’s escape from Jerba, 135—He joins the Ottoman navy, 136—Attack on Malta,