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قراءة كتاب The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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The last of the great Corsairs, 181—Ochiali, 182—Pashas of Algiers, 185—Renegades succeeded by Turks, 185—Beys of Tunis, 186—Blackmail levied on the Christian Powers, 186—Deys of Algiers, 187—Violent deaths, 187—Morocco, 188—Salē rovers, 188—Delgarno, 188—Chevalier Acton, 191—Murād Reïs, 192—’Ali Pichinin, 194—Defeated by Venetians, 194—His slaves, 195—His theology, 199.   XVI.   Galleys and Galley Slaves. 16th Century 200‑225 The Renegade Corsairs, 200—Their cruises, 201—Description of different classes of galleys, 205—Furttenbach’s account, 206—Rig and armament, 213—Galley-oars, 214—Sufferings of the slaves, 215—The boatswains, 216—Christian galleys, 217—Ship’s company, 218—Barbary galleot, 218—Building, 219—Strength of Algerine fleet, 219—Captains, 220—Launching a galley, 220—The rowers and owners, 221—Soldiers, 221—Food, 222—Auguration, 222—Time of cruising, speed, and manoeuvre, 222-223—Ports of refuge, 223-4—Mode of attack, 224—Division of spoils, 224—Return to port with a prize, 225.   XVII.   The Triumph of Sails. 17th Century