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قراءة كتاب The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

The Story of the Barbary Corsairs

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href="@public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@22169@[email protected]#Page_136" class="pginternal" tag="{}a">136—Siege and conquest of Tripoli, 137—Christian fleets assemble for recapture of Tripoli, 138—Disaster at Jerba, 139-140.

  XIII.   The Knights of Malta. 1565 141‑159 Activity of Maltese galleys, 141—Fortifications of Malta, 142—Description of Malta, in 1565, 143—The Turkish forces, 144—Jean de la Valette, 145—Arrival of Dragut, 146—Siege of Fort St. Elmo, 147—Fall of St. Elmo, 149—Death of Dragut, 149—Siege of Fort St. Michael, 150—Ten assaults, 155—A false alarm, 157—Last assault, 158—Arrival of relieving army, 158—The survivors of the siege, 159.   XIV.   Lepanto. 1571 160‑178 Results of the siege of Malta, 160—Ochiali, 161—The Turks lay siege to Cyprus, 162—Jealousies among the Christian admirals, 163—Cyprus occupied by the Turks, 164—Efforts of Pope Pius V., 164—Don John of Austria, 167—Muster of the Christian fleets, 167—The Turkish armada, 173—Meeting of the hostile fleets, 173—Giovanni Doria’s tactics, 175—Marshalling of the Turkish array, 175—Beginning of the battle, 176—The victory, 177—Cervantes, 177—Subsequent career and death of Don John, 178.   PART II.   THE PETTY PIRATES.   XV.   The General of the Galleys. 16th-18th Centuries public@vhost@g@gutenberg@html@files@22169@[email protected]#Page_181" class="pginternal"