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قراءة كتاب The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

تنويه: تعرض هنا نبذة من اول ١٠ صفحات فقط من الكتاب الالكتروني، لقراءة الكتاب كاملا اضغط على الزر “اشتر الآن"

‏اللغة: English
The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

The International Monthly, Volume 4, No. 1, August, 1851

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tag="{}a">127.—Mss. of Rousseau, 127.—Unpublished works of Balzac, 127.—M. Nisard, 127.—M. Gautier, 127.—Guizot's History of Representative Government, 127.—Mademoiselle de Belle Isle, 127.—Rev. T. W. Shelton, in Sharpe's Magazine, 127.—Rev. Charles Kingsley, author of Alton Locke, 127.—Bowring's Translation of Schiller, 128—New English Poems, 128.—New Novel by Warren, 128.—Judge Woodbury's Works, 128.—The North American Review, 128.—Life of Judge Story, 128.—Contributions to the History of the West, by Lyman C. Draper, 129.—The Dublin University Magazine on Streets Frontenac, 129.—Mrs. Southworth in England. 129.—Return of Mrs. Mowatt, 129.—Miss Beecher's new Work on the Writings of Women, 129.—Ludwig Feuerback, 268.—August Kopish on the Monument to Frederic the Great, 269.—The Janus Review, 269.—Franz Kugler on the Theatre, 269.—Von Muller's History of the Swiss Confederation, 269.—Memoir of Bretschneider, 269.—Dr. Worth, 269.—Herr Christern's Book Store, 269.—German Periodicals, 270.—The Hungarian Refugees in Turkey, 270.—The Youth of Thorwaldsen, 270.—Old and New Songs and Fables for Children, 270.—Convention of Sclavic Scholars, 270.—German Translation of Milton's Areopagitica, 270.—Eccentricities of German Medical Literature, 271.—German Poems, 271.—Shakspeare in Sweden, 271.—Neander's Lectures, 271.—George Sand and her Husband, 271.—New work by Comte, 271.—Lamartine's New History, 271.—Michelet's Legendes de la Democratie, 272.—Guizot's History of Representative Government, 272.—Prudhon's Idea of Revolution, 272.—Miss Martineau and her Master, 272.—Rumored Discoveries of Greek MSS, 272.—Bunsen on the supposed MS. of Origen, 272.—New English Poems, 272.—Herodotus and the Discoveries of Nineveh, 273.—Sir James Stephen's History of France, 273.—J. S. Buckingham, 273.—Mrs. Jamieson, 273.—New Books of Travels, 273.—Dr. Wilkinson and Henry James, 273.—New Novels, 273.—New Books on the Apocalypse, 274.—Finchman on Ship Building, 274.—The Grenville Papers, 274.—Sir W. Parish on Buenos Ayres, 274.—Works of Bishop Whately, 274.—Macaulay's New Volumes, 274.—Poems of Edith May, 274.—Ware's European Capitals, 274.—New Romance by Thomas H. Shreve, 274.—More about American Reviews, 275.—Poem on Woman, by J. W. Ward, 275.—Novellettes of Musicians, 275.—Dr. Huntington's Alban, 276.—Simms's Poetical Works, 276.—Dr. Tyng and Bickersteth, 276.—Mr. Putnam's forthcoming Souvenir Books, 276.—Kitto's Biblical Cyclopedia, 276.—Episodes of Insect Life, 276.—History of Oneida County, 276.—Mrs. Nichols's Poem's, 276.—New Translations of the Bible, 277.—Sale of Dr. Jarvis's Library, 277.—Ik Marvell's New Work, 277.—Mr. Longfellow's New Poem, 277.—Books on the Mechanic Arts, 278.—Dr. Wainwright's Work on Egypt, 278.—Mr. Jefferson's MSS. Work on Grammar, 278.—Dr. Williams on the Lord's Prayer, 278.—Works of John Adams, 278.—Publications of James Munroe, 278.—German Magazines, 403.—German Poets, 403, 405.—Freilegrath, 403.—New edition of Brockhaus' Lexicon, 403.—German View of Lamartine, 403.—Prutz in a Novel, 403.—Stahl on Paris, 404.—Kohler on Ancient Cameos, &c., 404.—Children's Picture Books, 404.—Latin Life of Zumpt, 404.—New work by Robert Remak, 405.—The German Element in English Language, 405.—Count Blumberg on the Higher Classes, 405.—Auerbach's German Evenings, 405.—Gailhabaud's Monuments of Architecture, 405.—A Life Spent in Studying Thrushes, 405.—Gust's Bibliotheca Biographia Lutherana, 405.—New work on Monarchy, 405.—New German Works on the Middle Ages, 406.—Konig and Gelzer on Luther, 406.—The Bible and the Almanac, 406.—Austrian Biographical Dictionary, 406.—New Book by Hans Andersen, 406—Zeise, the Danish Novelist, 407.—Poems of Tegner, 407.—Bohemian Songs, 407.—Italian Histories of To-day, 407.—Bible Plays by Wiese, 408.—Colins on Socialism, 408.—Memoirs by Captain Laconte, 408.—Villemarque's Breton Poems, 408.—Perrymond vs. Thiers, 408.—The French Orators, 408.—Histories of the Reformation in France, 408.—M. Guizot, 409.—Jules Janin, 409.—Montbeillard on Spinoza, 409.—Punishment of a Socialist Dramatist, 409.—Marriage of "Bon Gaultier," 409.—Visits to De Quincy and Burns's Sister, 410.—The "Baroness Von Beck," 410.—Thackeray's New Novel, 410.—Literary Pensions in England, 410.—Tributes to James Montgomery, 410.—New editor of the Westminster Review, 410.—New Lives of Mary, Queen of Scots, 411.—Publications of Moore & Co., of Cincinnati, 411.—Rivers of the Bible, 411.—Mexican Documents collected by the Abbé Bourbourg, 412.—Mr. Schoolcraft and the Publishers, 412.—Mr. Simms's New Tragedy, 412.—Dr. Albro's Life of Shepherd, the Puritan, 412.—New Edition of Fielding, 413.—Theory of Human Progression, 413.—The Nile Boat, 413.—Kitto's Bible Illustrations, 413.—Poore's Life of Napoleon, 413.—Indications of the Creator, by George Taylor, 413.—Parkman's History of Pontiac, 413.—De Quiney's Works, 413.—Mrs. Judson, 413.—Hart's Female Prose Writers of America, 414.—Mrs. Lee's Memoirs of Buckminster, 415.—Rochefoucauld, 415.—Dr. Huntington and his Novels, Letters, and Life, 415.—New Works in Press by the Harpers, 415.—By Redfield, do., 416.—New Work by Dr. Boardman, 416.—Carl Immerman's Letters on the Theatre, 551.—Kohl's last book of Travels, 551.—L'Eco d'Italia, 551.—Narcissa Zwichowska, 551.—Baron Baerst on Cooking, 551.—Brinckle's-Butterfly Book,