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قراءة كتاب Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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‏اللغة: English
Animal Children
The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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Mother opossum says she'd like to ask
Just why other mothers should find it a task
To care for one baby. Why, here she has four,
And there's plenty of room on her tail for some more!

Mr. and Mrs. Mongoose are popular as can be,
The reason being very plain, as you will all agree,
They are cunning and affectionate and clean and very nice,
They kill all snakes and insects and naughty rats and mice.

It must be very easy for the busy Beaver mother
To feed the Beaver sister and her little Beaver brother,
For when they beg: "We're hungry, give us something to eat, please!"
She sends them off to nibble at the bark of the big trees.

The puma is a bandit who'll not meet you face to face
But waits to spring upon you from some well-hidden place.
He'll strike you when your back is turned, but away he's sure to fly
If you should turn to look him right squarely in the eye.

Lemur stays in bed all day
And waits until the night to play;
That's why his soft feet make no sound
And why his eyes are big and round.

The bowery boy of the woods is young Mink,
His coat is so lovely one never would think
That'd he do naughty things, but we've often been told
He is tricky and wicked and saucy and bold.

"I'm not so very big around and not great as to length,
But one thing Peccaries have learned—in numbers there is strength.
Now, if you do not bother me I will not bother you,
But all my friends and family will help me if you do."

who is this boy in clothes so neat?
Young Spring-bok, Africa's athlete.
He lives up in the mountains tall,
And as a jumper beats them all.

The Long-Eared Bat and the Flying Fox and the Flying Squirrel, too,
Decided to give an aero-meet just to show what they could do.
So they formed a club and went around and invited everyone,
Then up they flew and did their stunts, and had a lot of fun.

She is dainty as snowdrops that fall from the skies,
Is this dear little Kitten with bright, shiny eyes
And velvety ears and pretty pink nose
And lovely white suit of soft, furry clothes.

Baby raccoon takes all his food and goes straight to the pool,
He eats not one small bite of it until it's wet and cool.
Now, although you may think this strange and stop to wonder why,
He, no doubt, thinks it just as queer for you to like yours dry.

The greatest of travelers that one can meet
Is the little Deer-mouse with the pretty white feet;
North, south, east or west she will go at her will,
And never, no never, is known to keep still.

The baby zebra ne'er should roam
So very far away from home,
Lest someone, thinking her striped gown
Was candy-stick, might eat her down.

"I'm stopping for a moment just to say 'How-do-you-do?'
I've just been decorated with this ribbon of deep blue
Because of all the gracefulness with which I trot and prance—
No wonder that you give Sir Horse your most admiring glance!"

This tale is not so very new,
And, no doubt, has been told to you,
But Donkey went to school to play,
And now he sits dressed up this way.

Here is the only baby who never makes a noise
(Which must be very puzzling to little girls and boys).
Yet the Giraffe is happy 'though he cannot shout or sing,
For with that great long neck of his he can reach anything.

The tapir feeds on leaves and fruit
He's very, very hard to suit,
For boys who don't like bread and meat
Have to find other things to eat.

He has climbed to the top of a rocky throne
To look down on a land once so proudly his own,
His people are scattered, he has no place to go,
He is weary and sad, poor King Buffalo.