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قراءة كتاب Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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‏اللغة: English
Animal Children
The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

Animal Children The Friends of the Forest and the Plain

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دار النشر: Project Gutenberg
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Naughty, naughty Squirrel baby, just as mother has you dressed
In your ribbons and your laces and your go-to-meeting best,
Then to run and grab an apple and get yourself all mussed!
Are you not afraid that mother will be very, very fussed?

To market, to market, with baskets of eggs,
Jack Rabbit goes hurrying on his long legs;
He'll buy him some colors—red, green, yellow, blue,
And when Easter comes 'round you know what he'll do.

Chipmunk is a jolly lad,
Always friendly—never sad,
Shares with friends his wheat grains yellow,
He's a genuine good fellow.

The coney lives in Palestine
But he is very seldom seen.
You see he is so small and shy
He hides when folks are passing by.

They call this boy the Coati,
His name is strange, and so is he.
He laps to drink, digs with his snout.
On ground or trees he runs about.

The cute little dogs that live on the prairie
Were having a party and making quite merry,
When Big Dog, on watch, heard a noise and called "Hush!"
And into their holes went the guests in a rush!

What do you suppose is in Gray Wolf's pack
He carries so stealthily over his back?
Some chickens, a lamb and an old mother hen
He has stolen to hide away in his den.

His manners are so charming and his eyes so very bright,
I do believe that we might call young Fox a gallant knight;
But then when he is cunning and just a little pert,
I'm not so sure but we should call this same young fox a flirt.

We just want to ask if you ever have seen a
Much dirtier boy than this little Hyena?
He has played in the street at making mud pies
Till nothing is clean save the whites of his eyes.

Beau coyote sings a nightly tune
To his lady fair in the big, round moon.
She smiles and throws moonbeams to him
And he serenades till her light is dim.

Tommie and Tillie Badger went out in the field to play.
Said Tommie: "Here, I'll teach you—put down your head this way,
Then toss your heels into the air and give a little twirl—
You can't help turning somersaults although you are a girl."

Miss Leopard Spermophilus, with her high-sounding name,
Says just to be called "Gopher" is really a shame,
And she's right here to tell you—if this knowledge you should lack—
She's the only one who wears the stars and stripes upon her back.

Doggy barked and said: "What fun
To make that Porcupine girl run;
Girls for boys to tease were meant."—
But girls with pins are different.

Sir Knight Armadillo, from tail tip to nose
In armor that's sure to bring terror to foes,
Goes forth with his weapons to his battle ground,
And looks like a pineapple walking around.

Away in Australia the Echidna stays.
He is noted because of his strange little ways;
His claws are so sharp that in manner quite tragic,
When frightened he sinks in the ground as by magic.

Miss Ant Eater's mouth is so dreadfully small
It scarce seems it could be a real mouth at all,
And her long, furry tail is her blanket at night,
It covers and tucks her in all snug and tight.

This queer little Mole has a star for a nose
Just the shade of the pink in a dew-wet rose.
He lives down in the ground where 'tis always like night,
So perhaps his star nose is to twinkle for light.

Here we have Mr. Duckbill of no little fame;
His mouth, you will see, is what gives him his name.
He can walk, swim or burrow and (so we have heard)
His wife, Mrs. Duckbill, lays eggs like a bird.

Such a dainty little person in her coat of pale, clear gray,
Is this maiden, Miss Chinchilla, and the hunter-folks all say
She is so clean she's