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قراءة كتاب Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

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Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

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Thirty-fourth Annual Report


Officers and committees 3
State Vice-Presidents 4
List of members 5
Constitution 18
By-Laws 19
Foreword—W. C. Deming 20
Report of the Secretary for 1942-43 20
Report of the Treasurer for 1942-43 21
The Status of Nut Growing in 1943. Survey Report—John Davidson, Chairman of Committee. 22
Side-lights on the 1943-44 Survey 47
Seasonal Zone Map of United States 51
Juglone: The active Agent in Walnut Toxicity—George A. Gries 52
Possible Black Walnut Toxicity on Tomato and Cabbage—Otto Reinking 56
Preliminary Studies on Catkin Forcing and Pollen Storage of Corylus and Juglans—L. G. Cox 58
Storage and Germination of Nuts of Several Species of Juglans—W. C. Muenscher and Babette I. Brown 61
A Key to Some Seedlings of Walnuts (Juglans)—W. C. Muenscher and Babette I. Brown 62
Further Tests with Black Walnut Varieties—L. H. MacDaniels and J. E. Wilde 64
Shelling Black Walnuts—G. J. Korn 83
Better Butternuts, Please—S. H. Graham 85
The Use of Fertilizer in a Walnut Orchard—L. K. Hostetter 88
Lime and Fertilizers for our Black Walnut Trees—Seward Berhow 89
The Propagation of Black Walnuts through Budding—Sterling Smith 89
Northern Nut Growing—Joseph Gerardi 91
Nut Puttering in an Off Year—W. C. Deming 94
Nut Nursery Notes—H. F. Stoke 96
Report from the Tennessee Valley—Thomas G. Zarger 98
Report from Minnesota—Carl Weschcke 99
Be Thrifty with Nut Trees—Carl Weschcke 104
Report of Season 1943—George Hebden Corsan