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قراءة كتاب Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

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Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

Northern Nut Growers Association Thirty-Fourth Annual Report 1943

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American Walnut Manufacturers Association Carries out Industrial Forestry Program—W. C. Finley 106 The Crath Carpathian Walnut in Illinois—A. S. Colby 107 Ohio Nut Growers' Meeting—G. J. Korn 110 Walnut and Heartnut Varieties; Notes and Remarks—J. U. Gellatly 112 Letters 116 Experiment Station Investigates Tree Believed to be the Oldest Chestnut in Connecticut 120 Report of Committee of Ohio Nut Growers—A. A. Bungart 122 Dr. John Harvey Kellogg—Obituary 126

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President Carl Weschcke, 96 South Wabasha St., St. Paul, MINN.
Vice-President Dr. L. H. MacDaniels, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y.
Secretary George L. Slate, Experiment Station, Geneva, N. Y.
Treasurer D. C. Snyder, Center Point, Iowa.


The Officers—and J. F. Wilkinson, Rockport, Indiana, and Dr. A. S. Colby, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois.


AuditingDr. William Rohrbacher, Chairman.
FinanceCarl F. Walker, Chairman, Zenas H. Ellis, Harry R. Weber.
Press and PublicationDr. W. C. Deming, Chairman, Mrs. Alan Buckwalter, Clarence A. Reed, George L. Slate, Dr. L. E. Theiss.
Varieties and ContestAlan R. Buckwalter, Chairman, John W. Hershey, C. A. Reed, D. C. Snyder, H. F. Stoke.
SurveyJohn Davidson, Chairman.
ExhibitsG. H. Corsan, Chairman, Gilbert Becker, Paul C. Crath, S. H. Graham, Homer L. Jacobs, G. J. Korn, O. C. Lounsberry, Sargent H. Wellman.
ProgramGilbert Becker, Chairman, John Bregger, Spencer B. Chase, Dr. H. L. Crane, G. J. Korn, J. W. McKay, Clarence Reed, G. H. Corsan, Prof. R. B. Thomson, W. J. Strong, Dr. Conelly, Prof. White, Prof. Dwight.
MembershipDr. J. Russell Smith, Chairman, L. V. Kline, Spencer B. Chase, Miss Mildred Jones, J. F. Wilkinson, Miss Amelia Riehl, H. F. Stoke, S. H. Graham, D. C. Snyder, Carl Weschcke, John W. Hershey, Gilbert Becker, Harry R. Weber.


Dr. Robert T. Morris, Stamford, Connecticut.


Zenas H. Ellis, Fairhaven, Vermont.


Dr. W. C. Deming, Litchfield, Conn.


American Fruit Grower, 1770 Ontario Street, Cleveland, Ohio.

State Vice Presidents

Arkansas Prof. N. F. Drake
Alberta, Canada A. L. Young
British Columbia, Canada J. U. Gellatly
California Will J. Thorpe
Canal Zone L. C. Leighton
Connecticut George D. Pratt, Jr.
District of Columbia L. H. Mitchell
Georgia Walter P. Pike
Illinois Dr. A. S. Colby
Indiana Hon. Hugh D. Wickens
Iowa D. C. Snyder
Kansas Frank E. Borst
Kentucky E. C. Rice
Maine Herman G. Perkins
Maryland Dr. H. L. Crane
Massachusetts Sargent H. Wellman
Mexico Julio Grandjean
Michigan Harry Burgart
Minnesota Carl Weschcke
Missouri Victor H. Schmidt
Nebraska William Caha
New Hampshire Prof. L. P. Latimer