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قراءة كتاب The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration, Vol. 01, No. 12, December 1895 English Country Houses

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The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration, Vol. 01, No. 12, December 1895
English Country Houses

The Brochure Series of Architectural Illustration, Vol. 01, No. 12, December 1895 English Country Houses

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Club Notes.

Nearly simultaneously with the announcement that the T Square Club, of Philadelphia, has been awarded the

medal offered by the St. Louis Architectural Club for the best Club-exhibit of Mention Designs comes the news of John Stewardson’s lamentable death. As a founder of the Club, as its president, and for years a member of its Executive Committee, he remained to the last one of its most enthusiastic supporters. Many of his drawings are now in the Club rooms, and his record as the winner of many competitions is upon the minutes of the Club.

His generous aid, sincere criticism, and deep interest in the welfare of the Club contributed more to the advancement of architecture in Philadelphia than can now be realized.

The ninth annual Exhibition of the Chicago Architectural Club will be held at the Art Institute, Chicago, opening March 27, 1896.

This exhibition will include architectural drawings and perspectives in all renderings, scale, details of public and private work, projets, landscape drawings of parks and other public improvements, works of sculpture and artistic exhibits of works of the allied arts.

Detailed information with circular of instructions and application blanks can be had by addressing Frank M. Garden, Secretary, Chicago Architectural Club, 274 Michigan Ave., Chicago.

In the seventh annual competition for the Robert Clark testimonials, held under the auspices of the Chicago Architectural Club, the prize winners are as follows: Addison B. Le Boutillier, Boston, Mass., gold medal; William Leslie Welton, Lynn, Mass., silver medal; John F. Jackson, Buffalo, N.Y., bronze medal; Harry C. Starr, Chicago, first honorable mention (bronze medal); Edward T. Wilder, Chicago, second honorable mention (bronze medal). L. J. Millet, R. C. Spencer, and Irving K. Pond composed the adjudicating committee.

Messrs. Thomas Hastings, John Galen Howard, and Albert L. Brockway, the committee of the Architectural League of New York upon the annual competition for the League gold and silver medals, announce the program for this year. Drawings are to be submitted on or before February 6. The problem is the principal entrance of a terminal railroad station. Plan, elevation, and detail are required.

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Old Manor House, Lythe Hill, England.


The Brochure Series

of Architectural Illustration.




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